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Thursday 1 July 2021

Episode 197

Astha meets Kalindi and Jyoti and Jyoti tells her about Anjali's birthday. She sends a gift for Anjali through Astha. Meanwhile, the police give Sojal a file relating to Jyoti. Will Sojal learn the truth?

Episode 198

Astha believes that if they celebrate Anjali's birthday, Jyoti may attend. She suggests this to Anjali. Meanwhile, Shlok decides to ask permission from Niranjan to celebrate the birthday. Will he allow it?

Friday 2 July 2021

Episode 199

Abhay questions Anjali for celebrating her birthday despite the fact that Jyoti is still missing. Niranjan is also surprised to see the preparations. How will he react?

Episode 200

Anjali is emotional on seeing Jyoti. She tells her to go back to Abhay, but Jyoti is adamant on not returning. Abhay sees Jyoti with Siddharth and drags her to Niranjan. He then tells Niranjan that Jyoti is involved in an extra-marital affair. What will Niranjan do now?

Saturday 3 July 2021

Episode 201

Abhay forcibly tries to take Jyoti with him. The police arrive and Jyoti informs them about what Abhay has done. Meanwhile, Niranjan instructs Anjali to send Jyoti to Abhay's house. Shlok and Varad criticise this, and decide to stay with Jyoti.

Episode 202

Niranjan wants Abhay released from the police. He asks Anjali to send Jyoti to Abhay's house. Meanwhile, Jyoti asks Varad to not kill Siddharth. Later, Anjali tries to hurt Jyoti, emotionally, but Astha imitates Anjali, and makes Jyoti laugh.

Sunday 4 July 2021

Episode 203

While Siddharth is expecting to be killed, Varad thanks him for rescuing Jyoti. Meanwhile, Astha tampers with the shoe rack and Niranjan stumbles and breaks it. Later, Anjali tells Jyoti that she should move to Abhay's house.

Episode 204

A guest visits the Agnihotri house, and suggests that Astha should plan for a baby. A worried Astha informs Jyoti that she has not been intimate with Shlok yet. Meanwhile, Shlok decorates his and Astha's bed for their wedding night.

Monday 5 July 2021

Episode 205

Siddharth calls Jyoti, and asks her to meet him for lunch. Astha's grandmother brings laddoos for Jyoti. Later, Astha tries to talk to Shlok, but he ignores her. Siddharth decides to deliver a file to the Agnihotri house. Is that his only intention?

Episode 206

Astha calls Shlok at Jyoti's behest, but Shlok ignores the call. But, he seeks Niranjan's permission to visit Mahabaleshwar with Astha. Later, Siddharth brings chaat for Jyoti, but Sojal does not let him meet her. Why does Niranjan ask Anjali to get Jyoti's signature?

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Episode 207

Sojal suspects that Shlok is pretending to be sick. Astha asks a doctor to give an injection to Shlok. Infuriated, Shlok asks Astha to go to her mother's house. Later, on hearing that Shlok is sick, Astha rushes home. However Shlok reveals his intentions. Will Astha comply?

Episode 208

Niranjan assaults Anjali for not taking Jyoti's signature. He leaves for Mumbai, along with Varad and Vinayak. Later, Anjali asks Jyoti to withdraw her complaint against Abhay. Meanwhile, Jyoti has stomach pain and faints. Will she be alright?

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Episode 209

Jyoti regains consciousness. She asks Niranjan to let her stay in his house, until her delivery. Later, Shlok is furious with Anjali and decides to throw her out of the house. However, on Astha's request, Niranjan stops Shlok from doing so.

Episode 210

Siddharth's mother, Renuka, decides to get him married. On learning about Jyoti, Varad returns home, leaving his mobile phone in the office. Siddharth decides to use the phone as an excuse to meet Jyoti. Later, Jyoti becomes upset with Siddharth for sympathising with her.

Thursday 8 July 2021

Episode 211

Astha's grandmother learns that Siddharth loves Jyoti. Meanwhile, Shlok asks Niranjan to allow Jyoti to stay in the house. Siddharth sneaks into Jyoti's room. Sojal suspects that there is somebody in Jyoti's room and decides to check. Will he find Siddharth?

Episode 212

Vinayak and Astha spike Niranjan's glass of juice, and he drinks it. The next day, Niranjan doesn't wake up in the morning. Astha and Vinayak convince Anjali to perform the puja. When Niranjan learns that Anjali is performing the puja, how will he react?

Friday 9 July 2021

Episode 213

Anjali apologises to Niranjan for performing the puja on behalf of him. Meanwhile, Siddharth's mother gets suspicious about him and Jyoti. Later, when Anjali gets to know that Astha plans to free Anjali from Niranjan, she is furious. Will Anjali inform Niranjan?

Episode 214

Astha's grandmother asks Siddharth if he will be able to accept Jyoti's daughter. Meanwhile, Astha promises Anjali that she will not get her into trouble again. Later, Astha and Shlok argue, but make up quickly. Will the peace last?

Saturday 10 July 2021

Episode 215

Astha adds elephant foot yam with potatoes in a curry and Niranjan suffers from an itching throat. Meanwhile, Kalindi supports Siddharth's wish to marry Jyoti. Later, Niranjan instructs Anjali to assign household chores to Astha to prevent her from going to office.

Episode 216

Astha manipulates the doctor to tell Niranjan that he is allergic to potatoes. Shlok instructs Anjali to not prepare any dish with potatoes again. Anjali gets to know about Astha's plan. Meanwhile, Astha decides to hold a baby shower ceremony for Jyoti.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Episode 217

Jyoti decides to not celebrate her baby shower on learning that Sulabha is invited. However, Astha convinces Jyoti. Meanwhile, Niranjan insists on inviting Sulabha. Sulabha decides to ruin the ceremony. Later, Siddharth reaches the Agnihotri house as a photographer.

Episode 218

Shlok and Varad sneak into the ceremony. Sulabha tampers with the chandelier to try and make it fall on Jyoti. However, Siddharth rescues Jyoti. Later, Siddharth wishes to speak to Jyoti in private. What does Siddharth want to tell her?

Monday 12 July 2021

Episode 219

Astha sees the photographs clicked by Siddharth and figures out that he has feelings for Jyoti. Later, on realising that Jyoti loves Siddharth too, she decides to unite them. Meanwhile, Niranjan asks the board to suggest a name for a scholarship introduced for girls. Who will it be?

Episode 220

Niranjan berates Anjali for not keeping Astha busy with housework. Meanwhile, Kalindi decides to tell the Agnihotri family that Siddharth loves Jyoti. Later, when Astha wants Kavya to participate in a fancy dress competition, Anjali refuses. Siddharth visits the Agnihotri house to meet Jyoti.

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Episode 221

Siddharth informs Astha that he will accept Jyoti with her daughter. Meanwhile, Anjali calls the matron of the old age home, to ask about her parents. Later, Astha takes Kavya to her school, without Sojal and Anjali's knowledge. Will Anjali get offended by this?

Episode 222

Enraged with Anjali, Niranjan wishes to beat her but is stopped. Niranjan asks Anjali to walk barefoot to the temple. Meanwhile, Kavya rehearses for the fancy dress competition under Astha's guidance. Later, Astha asks Shlok to shave his beard. How long will Niranjan continue his cruelty?

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Episode 223

Astha asks Kavya to break Niranjan's stick, on the pretext of the fancy dress competition. Niranjan is invited as a chief guest for the same competition. Astha tries to tell Kavya to not break the stick, but in vain. Kavya breaks the stick while performing. How will Niranjan react?

Episode 224

Sojal and Varad have an argument. Niranjan confronts Anjali for sending Kavya to the competition, but Kavya tells him that Astha guided her. Niranjan appears to be upset and Shlok tries to pacify him. Later, Niranjan confronts Astha.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Episode 225

Anjali tries to convince Astha to obey Niranjan, but in vain. Vinayak tells Astha to not interfere in Niranjan and Anjali's issues. Later, Astha feels upset when Shlok instructs her to not hurt Niranjan. Later, Astha persuades Sojal to send Kavya to Niranjan's room.

Episode 226

Kavya's appearance deters Niranjan from beating Anjali. She thanks Astha for saving her. Meanwhile, Siddharth tells Astha's grandmother that he wants to meet Jyoti. Will she be able to help?

Friday 16 July 2021

Episode 227

Shlok gets worried on hearing of Niranjan's accident. Meanwhile, an astrologer tells Anjali that Astha is responsible for Niranjan's bad phase. He asks Shlok to choose between Niranjan and Astha. When Niranjan hears about this, he dissuades Shlok from separating from Astha.

Episode 228

Renuka finds a bangle in Siddharth's room and asks him about it. Siddharth lies that it belongs to Astha's grandmother. Renuka, smartly asks Astha's grandmother to wear the bangle to check if it really belongs to her. Meanwhile, Shlok sprains his back as Astha collides with him.

Saturday 17 July 2021

Episode 229

Niranjan instructs Anjali to walk barefoot on the stairs of the temple. Meanwhile, Kalindi tells Avadhoot about Siddharth's feelings for Jyoti. This upsets Avadhoot. Back at the temple, as Anjali is walking, she is shocked to see a couple begging in the temple. Who did Anjali see?

Episode 230

Astha tries to persuade Anjali to stop her parents. Avadhoot confronts his mother for trying to bring Jyoti and Siddharth closer. Later, Anjali tries to find out if Astha has arranged any accommodation for her parents. Meanwhile, Niranjan decides to create a rift between Astha and Shlok.

Sunday 18 July 2021

Episode 231

Niranjan gets ready for a meeting and waits for Shlok. Astha wakes up Shlok and helps him with the presentation. Later, Astha informs Anjali that she will take her to meet her parents. Anjali overhears Astha's conversation with someone and assumes that her parents are sick.

Episode 232

Anjali apologises to her father. Anjali asks Astha and Sojal to fast for the 'Vat Savitri Vrat', but Jyoti refuses to perform the puja for Abhay. Meanwhile, Avadhoot instructs Siddharth to not have feelings for Jyoti as she is already married. Later, Shlok refuses to eat breakfast.

Monday 19 July 2021

Episode 233

Astha tries to convince Shlok to eat his breakfast, but he doesn't listen. While Astha, Sojal and Anjali perform the rituals of Vat Savitri Vrat, Shlok performs them for Astha. Later, Varad decides to take Sojal to a business party.

Episode 234

Shlok informs Niranjan about Avadhoot and Kalindi's wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, before going for Varad's office party, Sojal keeps some gaudy jewellery in her bag. Varad asks Sojal to behave decently at the party. However, Sojal's behaviour embarrasses Varad.

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Episode 235

Niranjan pretends to have a headache, and asks Shlok and Astha to attend the party. However, Shlok decides to stay with Niranjan. Astha is unhappy with Shlok but he manages to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Varad rebukes Sojal for her behaviour at the party.

Episode 236

Renuka forces Kalindi to consult an astrologer about Astha. Meanwhile, Astha takes Anjali out. Anjali is worried about Niranjan getting angry, but Astha manages to calm her. Later, Anjali feels happy when Astha takes her to meet someone.

Wednesday 21 July 2021
Episode 237

Anjali misses Niranjan's call. Niranjan is angry on learning that Anjali has gone out with Astha. Later, at Astha's behest, Anjali tells Niranjan that she was praying for his well-being. Later, Shlok tells Astha that he has met her parents. Who overhears their conversation?

Episode 238

Astha takes Jyoti to a hospital. Siddharth arrives at the hospital with Renuka. He tends to Jyoti, while Astha engages Renuka in a conversation. Meanwhile, Jaya and Sojal suspect that Varad is having an extra marital affair. Who decides to instigate Shlok against Astha?

Thursday 22 July 2021

Episode 239

Niranjan tells Shlok, that despite being ill, he has to go to Mumbai for work. Shlok decides to accompany Niranjan. Astha feels sad about this. Meanwhile, Renuka suspects that Siddharth has feelings for Jyoti. Later, Astha gets a musical surprise.

Episode 240

Renuka informs Avadhoot that Siddharth loves Jyoti. Avadhoot tells Kalindi that Niranjan and Anjali will not approve of Siddharth and Jyoti's relationship. Meanwhile, when Sojal wishes to accompany Astha and Anjali to the old age home, Astha persuades her to stay back.

Friday 23 July 2021

Episode 241

Varad becomes worried about Kavya, as her class teacher informs him about her poor performance in the exams. Varad and Sojal have an argument regarding Kavya's studies. Meanwhile, Niranjan visits the old age home and looks for Anjali and her parents.

Episode 242

Kalindi finds a prospective bride for Siddharth, but he refuses to marry her. Meanwhile, Niranjan asks Anjali to accompany him to the old age home. Astha hears this and rushes to the old age home. She panics wondering what Niranjan will do if he finds Anjali's parents there.

Saturday 24 July 2021

Episode 243

Siddharth arranges a tutor for Kavya. However, Sojal irritates the tutor and he leaves. Varad asks Siddharth to teach Kavya. Meanwhile, Shlok goes to Saputara. Later, Niranjan informs the family that someone has claimed ownership of the land on which the old age home is built.

Episode 244

Mr Pawar reaches the old age home with his advocate and tells everyone to vacate. Anjali worries about her parents. Later, Niranjan reveals his plans to Anjali. However, Astha devises a counterplan. What is Astha's plan?

Sunday 25 July 2021

Episode 245

Astha provokes Anjali to scold her in front of Niranjan. The residents of the old age home enter the Agnihotri house and persuade Anjali to send food for them. They sing bhajans and disturb Niranjan. Anjali thinks Niranjan is asleep and goes out of the house, but he follows her.

Episode 246

Anjali pretends to be furious at the residents of the old age home and asks them to leave. Niranjan rebukes Anjali for misbehaving with the senior citizens. Later, Shlok becomes angry at Anjali for her behaviour in front of the media. Meanwhile, Sojal's behaviour angers Varad.

Monday 26 July 2021

Episode 247

The residents of the old age home arrive at the Agnihotri house to perform puja. An irate Niranjan asks Anjali to throw them out. Meanwhile, Astha asks Siddharth to teach Kavya in Jyoti's room. Kavya asks the residents of the old age home to play with her.

Episode 248

Niranjan accepts the challenge proposed by the residents of the old age home. Astha disguises herself as one of the residents. However, the family gets to know that Astha helped the residents. Shlok is furious with Astha when she tries to tell him the truth.

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Episode 249

Shlok berates Astha for speaking ill of Niranjan. Later, Varad tries to prove to Shlok that Astha is right. The residents of the old age home decide to leave the Agnihotri house. Later, Astha assures Anjali that things between her and Shlok will be fine.

Episode 250

Shlok asks Astha to apologise to Niranjan. Meanwhile, Niranjan informs Shlok that he has purchased the old age home and he wants to hand it over to the residents. Astha apologises to Niranjan. Niranjan decides to continue causing a rift between Astha and Shlok.

Wednesday 28 July 2021

Episode 251

Astha and Shlok are with Kavya when they see Varad with Mansi. Astha asks him about the lady. At home, Varad promises to take Sojal out. But suddenly he gets a call informing him about Mansi's accident and he rushes out.

Episode 252

Niranjan buys a land in Jyoti's name and wants her to sign the property documents. Anjali manages to acquire her signature. Astha suspects his intentions. Later, Anjali is shocked when she realises that he tricked her into getting Jyoti's signature on Abhay's release papers.

Thursday 29 July 2021

Episode 253

Anjali is upset thinking of Jyoti. Niranjan leaves the release paper at home and Jyoti finds them. She accuses Anjali of deceiving her. Meanwhile, Anjali informs Astha that she was unaware of Niranjan's intentions. Will she tell the truth?

Episode 254

Siddharth rushes to the hospital to see Jyoti. The family is anxious. Meanwhile, Sholk and Varad learn that Anjali has taken Jyoti's signature on the documents for Abhay's release.

Friday 30 July 2021

Episode 255

Shlok is upset with Anjali for her actions and asks her to leave the house. She is kept away from Jyoti and her baby. Niranjan wants Jyoti to go away with Abhay after this release from the jail.

Episode 256

Jyoti expresses her love to Siddharth. Anjali witnesses it and goes to confront her. Astha tries to convince her to let Jyoti lead her life with Siddharth. Will Anjali agree?

Saturday 31 July 2021

Episode 257

The face off between Jyoti and Anjali continues. Astha tries to bring them closer. Sojal, Astha and Shlok step out for shopping. They got into a restaurant and are surprised to see Varad, who is there with Mansi.

Episode 258

Abhay arrives in the house and apologises to everyone. He requests Niranjan to give him another change to lead a life with Jyoti and his daughter. Niranjan allows Abhay to see his daughter, but Jyoti stops him. Meanwhile, Sojal finds a necklace in Varad's bag and assumes it is for her.

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