Coming up on Begusarai this July 2021:

Begusarai Teasers July 2021

Saturday 3 July 2021

Episode 49

Bindiya and Rekha both work together to try and humiliate Poonam at the prayer ceremony by making her wear non-traditional clothes. Priyom gets a huge hint as to who really kidnapped Roshni.

Episode 50

Lakhan tells Poonam that she can wear whatever she likes but only in their room and when he is around. It seems like Bindiya is slowly getting a soft spot for Priyom. Priyom gets an unexpected phone call and it leaves him uneasy.

Sunday 4 July 2021

Episode 51

Poonam finds out that Bindiya and Priyom aren't married. The rest of the family prepare for the arrival of Manohar, when suddenly Grandma slips and falls down the stairs. Manohar arrives, could this mean trouble for the Thakur family?

Episode 52

Priyom provides concrete evidence that he and Bindiya are indeed married. Bindiya states that within two weeks Poonam will be thrown out the mansion.

Saturday 10 July 2021

Episode 53

Maya sees Bindiya mixing something into the food and she decides to inform Poonam. Poonam makes Lakhan realise how unjust he has been to her. Once again Bindiya and Rekha's plan fails thanks to Lakhan. What will they do now?

Episode 54

Bindiya turns her attention to Guddi as she influences her mind. Poonam is still in an intoxicated state and now she comes face to face with Manohar.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Episode 55

Bindiya tries to make Lakhan turn against Poonam once again. Turns out Poonam and Priyom are actually searching for Guddi and Dolt. Lakhan sees Priyom and Poonam together and he begins to believe what Bindiya said. What will happen now?

Episode 56

Priyom and Poonam come home and as a result Manohar asks Mithilesh to go get his rifle. Lakhan over rules Manohar by stating he will be the only one to punish Poonam if she is guilty.

Saturday 17 July 2021

Episode 57

Guddi saves Poonam's life by taking the blame upon herself. Lakhan is disappointed in himself after learning he was wrong to doubt Poonam. Grandma learns the truth about why Poonam lied to the family.

Episode 58

Lakhan realises his actions caused a rift between him and Poonam. Guddi makes an oath that she won't get married until Dolt is dead. Bindiya still has no idea what is happening and she becomes determined to find out.

Sunday 18 July 2021

Episode 59

Guddi gets engaged to Rakesh and the priest fixes their wedding date. Dolt makes his appearance and now Grandma threatens to shoot him once and for all. A new twist to the story happens as Guddi finds out she's pregnant.

Episode 60

Lakhan still tries his utmost best to win over Poonam. Bindiya plans to sabotage Guddi at the wedding ceremony as she adds something to her cold drink.

Saturday 24 July 2021

Episode 61

Guddi and Dolt realise that the only way to survive is to elope. Poonam shows her bravery and fearlessness as she rallies all the woman of the village to stand up against Manohar and the village council.

Episode 62

Priyom attempts to stand up against Manohar and Mithilesh but fails. Poonam gets the whole village of woman to help save Guddi. It seems that Manohar's fate is sealed as he is standing in a grave surrounded by a crowd of angry woman.

Sunday 25 July 2021

Episode 63

Guddi makes Poonam misunderstand that Lakhan is responsible for Dolt's death. It appears that Priyom's love is changing Bindiya. Mithilesh decides that now he has to become the bad guy to restore "Order". Can anyone stop him?

Episode 64

Bindiya goes to Mithilesh to ask him to accept her. Turns out that Mithilesh's actions are being controlled by someone else. Lakhan gets fed up with being accused of Dolt's death and he makes a statement that shocks everyone.

Saturday 31 July 2021

Episode 65

An unknown man makes his appearance and starts off by stalking Bindiya. While everyone celebrates the fast, the unknown man makes plans to assassinate Priyom.

Episode 66

Priyom confesses to Bindiya that Poonam is now his past, because he’s falling for her. Rekha tries to emotionally blackmail Lakhan to take over Begusarai. Bindiya uses mind games to try and free herself from Bhanu's clutches.

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