Zuba actress Barbra Maramwidze (Lute)

Zuba actress Barbra Maramwidze (Lute)

Saturday 22 May 2021

Episode 173

It is revealed that Thando is an imposter and that Jaden is in on it.

Episode 174

Vinny covers his tracks by acting like he has PTSD. Miranda is hurt that Thando doesn’t see her as a mother but resolves to stick to the plan.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Episode 175

Niko confronts his father about his mother. Mainza finally cuts his beard in readiness to go visit Sandra. The Indian investor arrives as Valentine says goodbye to Natasha. 

Episode 176

Miranda narrates her story to Thando in an effort to get him to understand her and Jaden worries about Niko being around the Sosala mansion.

Monday 24 May 2021

Episode 177

Miranda concludes her backstory and Thando learns that she plans to destroy Phingiwe. Niko enlists Ing’utu’s help in the search for the truth about the bracelet.

Episode 178

Niko’s feeling for Zuba creep up while Thando unsuccessfully tries to escape. Jaden and Ms Chela face off and Joshua realizes that Jaden is competing against him.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Episode 179

Suwi finds out that Joshua is spending time with Luwi and her heart feels like it might break. Niko tells Phingiwe that Kabinda is dead and she wants justice for him.

Episode 180

Vinny toys with Thando and Thando finds out that Zuba is pregnant. Jaden discovers that his father had the same bracelet Niko has and Ms. Chela has Jaden arrested.

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Episode 181

Miranda is worried when Jaden does not return her calls. Thando is angry with Miranda for keeping him away from his child. 

Episode 182

Miranda is worried that something has happened to Jaden. Vinny and Miranda decide to flee just in case they are also in danger. 

Thursday 27 May 2021

Episode 183

Vinny and Miranda are worried about Jaden and about their future. Niko enlists Ing’utu’s help to find out why Jaden had his mother’s bracelet.

Episode 184

Miranda is desperate to find Thando and Vinny wants to leave Thando behind. Jaden makes his way to the cabin and sparks fly between Niko and Ing’utu.

Friday 28 May 2021

Episode 185

Vinny is jealous of the way Miranda favors Thando. Thando is devastated about losing his freedom again. Niko finds out that Jaden was arrested for sexual harassment.

Episode 186

Thando is desperate to be released and Vinny tries to convince Jaden and Miranda that they should get rid of Thando.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Episode 187

Miranda is angry with Vinny for trying to kill Thando and she decides that Thando and Vinny will act like brothers whether they want to or not. 

Episode 188

Thando is forced to talk to Vinny and finds out more about Miranda’s past from Jaden. Ing’utu and Niko fall out when Niko lies about his feelings for Zuba.

Sunday 30 May 2021

Episode 189

Miranda, Jaden, Vinny and Thando head back to Lusaka. Miranda suspects that Jaden is being dishonest with her about his conversations with Phingiwe.

Episode 190

Jaden, Mirand and Vinny play house for one night at the Sosala mansion while Thando is finding it hard to cope in the mansion. Niko tries to figure out his next move.


Monday 31 May 2021

Episode 191

Joshua and Tasha return to the Sosala Mansion. Tasha has some making up to do as she left without telling Rick much about what was happening.

Episode 192

Suwi tries to get Joshua to forgive her but Joshua wants nothing to do with her. Lute fakes an illness to stop Mainza from travelling to Lusaka.

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