Coming up on Rhythm City in May 2021:

Sindiswa and Machiliza

Monday 24 May 2021
Episode 3621

Maponya agrees to stop pursuing the rest of the Ndlovu family and takes Suffocate’s deal. But as one problem resolves itself, another one pops up - this time, in the form of Khulekani. He promises Suffo that his empire won’t last long without him. Meanwhile, Puleng tries to nip Pule’s bid for power in the bud.

Khulekani pulls out all the stops and tries to win Nandi back. She is softened by his sincerity but urges him to take her fears seriously. Nandi and Khulekani are disturbed by the possibility of Zinhle and Zak having a secret affair. Mapula enjoys making Sindiswa suffer but her endless nagging is driving Sabelo crazy.

Tuesday 25 May 2021
Episode 3622

While Maponya grudgingly informs the Ndlovus that they are in the clear because of Suffo’s deal, Pule rubs everyone up the wrong way by assuming that that leaves him in charge of the family. While he is trying to inform Pearl and Khulekani of as much, Puleng walks into RedHub as the real leader of family.

Khulekani summons everyone to a family meeting, making Zak and Zinhle extremely nervous. Ziyanda is not pleased about Nandi’s insinuations but after the youngsters deny that anything romantic is going on between them, she attempts to make peace with Nandi.

Sabelo assures Sindiswa that he has smoothed things over with Mapula and she promises him some sexy time later in return. However, things are certainly not smooth and Mapula gives Sindi the run around.

Wednesday 26 May 2021
Episode 3623

Suffocate chooses his successor and his decision does not sit well with the rest of the family. Khulekani and Pearl are happy with the developing rifts in the family. They see an even better opportunity to take over Suffo’s interests while it’s in the inexperienced hands of Puleng.

Zak and Zinhle have second thoughts about continuing their illicit relationship but the second thoughts don’t last too long when they spot an opportunity to be alone together. Sindiswa makes a great pitch to be chosen as the Youth Day MC but Mapula’s ego is standing in the way of her accepting this.

Thursday 27 May 2021
Episode 3624

Pule isn’t happy that Puleng is taking over as head of the family. He warns her that Pearl will eat her alive. Pearl does, indeed, go out of her way to show Puleng that the high-wheeling world of Red is not her world. Mzi, though, has Puleng’s back.

Zak and Zinhle’s happy bubble literally rips, as they discover the condom broke last time they had sex. They reel through all the implications, even as real life wades in on them.

Mapula is torn over what to do about Sindiswa’s pitch and thinks she has time to make another plan. Sindiswa complains to her mother, who puts pressure on Sabelo to sort out his sister.

Friday 28 May 2021
Episode 3625

Pule has Mzi doubting Puleng’s capabilities and questioning Suffocate’s decision. Puleng doubts herself when Pearl makes sure she is overloaded with paperwork. She admits to Cuba she is in way over her head. Pearl offers Suffocate a get-out-of-jail-free card but he rejects it.

Zak and Zinhle freak out about the possibility of being pregnant. They purchase a pregnancy test. Blossom worries that Kea is friends with Zinhle again, but Kea assures her that they are not. A worked up Machilliza confronts Mapula about standing in the way of Sindiswa’s career.

Monday 31 May 2021
Episode 3626

A shaken Puleng arrives late and unprepared for a high-level meeting at RedHub. Pule humiliates Puleng in front of Pearl and Khulekani, who are only too happy to witness a rift in the Ndlovu family. Puleng is set on quitting at RedHub but Cuba shakes her decision with a reality check about Nqobimpi’s future.

Zak and Zinhle disagree on what they will do if they are pregnant. Zak wants to keep the baby but Zinhle refuses. Ziyanda, Khulekani and Nandi suffer public scorn for their family affairs. Sindiswa and Machiliza gang up on Sabelo because of Mapula’s treatment of Sindiswa.

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