Israel Makamu

Bishop Israel Makamu has decided to step down from Moja Love. This follows audio that’s been circulating on social media.

People have been dragging him on social media saying he’s a bishop and should practice what he preaches.

They say he’s asking for sex in that audio and they want him to be accountable and take responsibility for his actions.

Makamu who hosted Reatsotella on Moja Love told Daily Sun he’s sad that someone had gone all out to ruin his reputation, but he’ll take this time to focus on other things.

Moja Love has accepted Makamu’s decision to voluntarily step down from the channel pending an internal investigation after the recording with sexual connotations has been circulating on social media.

The channel’s spokeswoman, Nonzwakazi Cokete, said the channel will be conducting an internal investigation regarding the matter before Makamu is reinstated.

“On consultation with the channel, Bishop Makamu maintains that he is innocent and says that the recording dates back to 2017,” said Nonzwakazi.

“He says the lady in the recording worked for him and their conversation was not sexual in any manner, and it was altered to extort money from him,” she said.

She also said the channel stands firm in establishing two sides to the story and will do a rigorous investigation to establish the truth around the circumstances of the recording.

Head of channel, Bokani Moyo said: “As a channel, we take this recording very seriously. We have started with an internal investigation and are reaching out to the lady in the recording to find out the events around the recording. On one of our shows, AmaBishop, reveals behind the scenes shenanigans that pastors and bishops engage in and impose on the public,” said Bokani.

“We cannot ignore a recording of this nature where one of our hosts is implicated. We have to establish the facts and truth before Makamu comes back as part of the team.