Personalized License Plates

When it comes to purchasing personalized license plates in accordance with Australia’s Laws and Policies, buyers will need to have different types of documentation. These types of Documentation include different types of proof of the buyer’s address such as any type of Utility bills, their Driver’s License, as well as any Bank Statements. Other types of Documentation buyers should bring in when they go and apply for personalized license plates includes the Vehicle Registration Certificate they receive when they purchase the car or vehicle. Other types of Identification form your local DVLA Department will require you to have on you when you go to apply for your Personalized License Plates is your Bank Statements to ensure your addresses on both your License and your Other Proof of Addresses all match correctly.

The Australian Motor Vehicles Department has different ways for Vehicle Owners to be able to apply and purchase Personalized License Plates which include buying their personalized license plates directly from the DVLA. The second way buyers can purchase personalized license plates includes purchasing them from an Independent Company and the third option includes buying them privately through other types of DVLA operations and sellers. The DVLA strongly suggests coming into the Department to order the Personalized license plates instead of ordering them elsewhere, to keep you from paying outrageous prices and charges. Also, purchasing your Personalized License Plates through the DVLA will allow your license plates to come in faster as well as ensuring that your License plates will not get lost in the mail or delayed. The biggest reason other buyers have personally purchased their Personalized License plates from their local DVLA Department is that the annual fees for having Personalized License plates are extremely lower than other Departments charge for their annual fees.

One of the biggest reasons why many Vehicle Owners have all went and applied for their own Personalized License Plates is mainly because they like the fact they can pick and choose what is written on their License Plates. This gives the owner the chance to feel like they can create their own license plate numbers or letters with ease, without spending an outrageous amount of money. Personally, many buyers have all stated they enjoy being able to recognize their own vehicles without having to second guess which vehicle is theirs by looking at their own Personalized License Plates. Other customers have also stated that their Personalized License plates stand as their own individuality or a sense of investment in their own vehicles which is also a big confidence booster.

Other Owners who do not have their license plates personalized have asked the DVLA different types of questions they have come up with when they have thought about purchasing their own personalized license plates include if these license plates affect or increase their insurance payments. The answer to this question according to the DVLA is, no personalized license plates do not affect a buyer’s car insurance payments or the cost of their insurance policies. The only thing the DVLA will recommend you do once you have received your newly printed Personalized License Plates is for you to inform your Car Insurance Company of your change of license plates. This allows your Car Insurance Company to know that they are ensuring the same Vehicle they have on file and if you have changed anything within that time period. Another question other Vehicle owners have asked the DVLA is, does it take a while to receive my new Personalized License Plates. The answer to that question is, no from the time you purchase and order your Personalized license plates you will receive them within 21 business days.

The biggest requirements according to the DVLA when it comes to the types of vehicles that can have these Personalized License Plates includes any car, van, truck, or any vehicle that can easily pass inspection as well as all the stipulations of the Governor’s Transfer and Retention Scheme. With all the regulations and restrictions being met by the buyer, the DVLA will process your request for Personalized License Plates with ease.

Now, if you’re looking to put your personalized License plates on a new vehicle, you will need to fill out a special form such as the V317 form, which allows you to be able to transfer your Personalized License Plates to your new vehicle without any issues. The V317 form is best described as a simple way of being able to retain or transferring any Vehicle registration numbers with either new or old vehicles, which is the most important number the DVLA will need when you apply for your Personalized License Plates.

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