Social media has recently been abuzz with videos and pictures of the Bel-Air mansion that South African comedian Trevor Noah has purchased. Most online commenters have commented on news of the purchase with messages of congratulations for Trevor, but Ntsiki Mazwai was one notable exception who did not. Mazwai instead shared that if she had been able to afford the same expensive house, she would be fearful of not being able to fill the home with a big family. 

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai was accused of jealousy after she made some comments on Trevor Noah's new home. Images: 

@miss_ntsiki_mazwai/Instagram Source: Getty Images Mazwai's take seemed to go down as a bit of Twitter shade. Many interpreted her words as a jab at Trevor by trying to imply that the win of purchasing the grand house was meaningless in her eyes. 

Many interpreted her comment to be jealousy masquerading as virtue and dragged her in the comments: 

@SeditiIpeleng: "The real fear should be waking up one day and realising you haven't achieved close to half your set goals because you were too busy poking your nose in other people's lifestyles and trying to impose your belief on them... rest sisi." 

@NgwanaNdoka: "Just say you want to move in." 

@MsJay33932283: "It's your fear, other people might not have it, leave them to live the way they know how." 

@LEPANTSOLA: "A simple congratulations would've just been enough."