Khanyi Mbau has shared a photograph of herself with her online followers which just encapsulates a whole summer vibe. The celebrity posed in a maxi-dress and completed the outfit with some sunglasses and a sunhat. Khanyi loves sharing cute outfits with her fans and this seemed to be her choice for surviving hot days and doing it stylishly. Fans loved the pic but, as is always the case with the internet, there were a few haters who also shared their opinions on the photo. 

Khanyi Mbau

Some took the opportunity to criticise Khanyi's appearance and used old remarks to attempt to do so. The usual insults thrown at the star centre around her skin or plastic surgeries and were used once again by those who left negative comments. Khanyi has mentioned many times how the haters don't hurt her but her fans stood behind their fave.

 Supporters left compliments to Khanyi and retorts to the trolls: 
@surgical00: "Leave Khanyi alone! It's her life, her body, her choices. The sooner you accept that, the sooner will your own choices work for you. Damn!" 

@DuzzAaron: "Y'all can hate on her but really, the girl is beautiful." 

@Preciou28410593: "You look beautiful girl, my role model." 

@TiyandzaShaban1: "You look LOVELY. Haters are gonna hate." 

@LegendaryTR1: "Looking exquisite and sublime"