Connie Ferguson and her daughters

Connie Ferguson took to social media to share that she was bringing the fitness energy with her into 2021 and that she had already hit the gym. The actress participated in a workout session and her daughters, Lesedi and Ali, joined her. 

Connie posted a selfie after they had finished and all three members of the famous family looked like they had put the work in. Connie has often shared parts of her fitness journey with social media followers and the entertainment mogul is clearly intent on continuing to do so.

The Fergusons have just returned from a family holiday overseas and are already hard at work making sure their health and fitness remains a top priority. One of the fitness practices that Connie has favoured in the past has been boxing and boxing-related exercise. 
Connie Ferguson and her daughters Lesedi and Ali

The selfie she posted showed her wearing protective gloves with punching bags in the background so it's safe to say she continued with her preferred regime. The picture had Connie, Ali and Lesedi all grinning and looking like they'd smashed their workout. 

They also tagged their trainer and gym but made special mention of the fact that they had ensured the first Monday of 2021 had been a productive one. If anyone needed some motivation to get started on some New Year's resolutions, the Ferguson girls provided it.