Traffic officer

The video making rounds on Twitter, traffic office stop the taxi driver at gunpoint.  The motive behind the arrest still unknown. Twitter users not happy with the fact traffic office using a weapon and put a knee on the neck of a taxi driver.  The drive seems to resist the arrest.  See below tweet.

The caption on the video "This happened in George, Western Cape." shows the incident that happens in Western Cape

City of Cape Town, responded that the incident falls under the George Municipality and not the City of Cape Town.

Sphithiphithi Evaluator @_AfricanSoil · 
Why point a gun to someone that's unarmed and not threatening your life? They watch too much American movies and killing of black people there. I hope the driver sues them. Imagine having thugs as police? Show replies Tsheponumber10 

@Tshepono10 · 
So noone saw anything wrong with the officer pulling a gun on the driver? I mean it's clear that the driver had no weapon but the officer pulled a gun on him as if to say "I'll shoot you if you resist arrest". Don't Play The Victim 
@Phinda_uTogu ·Its actually not clear my brother, he had not been searched. The video starts from the part where the two vehicles had stopped, we don't know wat happened before dat, this guy cud hv been running away from dem like a mad man or whatever other violations. He's in custody, dats gud Show replies Tlharantlhope Flag of South Africa Flag of Bulgaria 

@LombalaTshepo Why put your knee on his neck though Weary faceWeary faceWeary face