Simphiwe Dana

Simphiwe Dana has bravely and proudly come out and told the world that she is gay. It could not have been an easy announcement to make but Simphiwe definitely felt it was time. Taking the major step, Simphiwe took to social media with a straight-forward status where she just let it out. Gurl, this level of bravery is respected! “I’m gay.”

Shortly after, Simphiwe further revealed that she has a bae and they are getting married. Simphiwe proudly shared a picture of her wife-to-be and expressed how excited she is to have her come home so they could start the rest of their lives together.

Just making sure everyone heard her loud and clear, Simphiwe made another post where she shared a picture of herself with the caption: “This me. I’m gay.”

Social media blew up over the news and while there are some who are a tad confused, Simphiwe’s bravery and transparency have been celebrated far and wide. “Welcome sister... and I am gay too.”