Shepherd Bushiri

'Prophet' Shepherd Bushiri wasted no time in organising a sermon after finally being released from prison in Malawi. The controversial religious figure broadcast live on his social media platforms and pulled out all the stops including a band and guests. Despite all the drama, Bushiri's fans seem as loyal as ever, flooding the pastor with gratitude for the sermon amid his personal crisis. 

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Saturday saw Bushiri posting a song boasting that 'there is nothing that you cannot do and no mountain you cannot climb' when you have God on your side. 

The song spoke of having a 'track record' of 'keeping your word', highlighting that this isn't set to 'change now'. 

Earlier, reported that Bushiri had fled South Africa after being granted bail for both himself and his wife, set at R400 000. By the time the couple resurfaced it emerged that they had managed to make it all the way back to Malawi. 

This had seen Malawian authorities arresting the couple before a local Magistrate's Court had released them. This release had seen the pair spending a night in prison before it was found that the Malawian authorities had no grounds to hold the couple. 

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South African authorities had pointed out that it would take some time to get permission to extradite the couple to face the music over fraud and money laundering charges to the tune of R100 million. While an arrest may well take some time the couple's Centurian mansion, valued at R5.5 million, has now been forfeited after the pair skipped bail.