Ntando Duma and her daughter

People are always drawn to children that show high levels of intelligence, especially at a young age. Ntando Duma and her daughter, Sbahle Mzizi, have done just that with the content this duo is creating. Mother and daughter took to Instagram with an adorable segment. This lovable mother-and-daughter are ambassadors for the “Grow Great Campaign”. 

Mommy Ntando enlightened us with the purpose of the initiative. Ntando shared that Sbahle had received a number of compliments on just how smart she is and was asked how she did it. Ntando explained that she had read to Sbahle from the time she was pregnant with her. 

She went on to say that babies that are read to from birth acquire a larger vocabulary and advanced mathematical skills than those children of the same age. Ntando also said that it is never too early to read to your baby and suggest parents start today.

Parents can watch the video and see why it is important to start reading to your children right from the day they are born. Sbahle was able to recognize numbers and name objects she saw in a storybook. Further, into the video, we can witness just how smart the tiny tot is. Bridgette Masinga was truly impressed with Ntando’s mothering skills.