Nikita Murray

It has been a few weeks since Katlego Maboe found himself in the middle of a huge social media storm after he admitted to cheating on his wife. It was then revealed that the woman he allegedly cheated with was Nikita Murray.

It was also revealed that he met Nikita while she was still working at Outsurance as he was the brand ambassador of the insurance company at the time.

Outsurance released its own statement about how the two got together.

“We also want to clarify that Nikita Murray is not a current Outsurance employee. She last worked for the company in 2018. Katlego and Nikita met independently"

Nikita is also married which Mzansi had a lot to say about. in all the drama surrounding her, Nikita had been mum on the matter. Well she is now speaking out and giving her side of the story.

She enlisted the help of Vincent Bergh of Liquor Law and Business Consultants who issued a statement on her behalf.

According to them Nikita and her husband are concerned over the "wild allegations" going around.

“Our clients are very perturbed about the wild allegations flying around in the media, involving Mrs Murray and her family.”

On the matter of the STD Katlego passed on to his wife, Nikita makes it clear she doesn't have any STD.

“Due to these allegations, Mrs Murray had undergone a medical test to confirm that she has no sexually transmitted disease. The claims by Mr Maboe that Mrs Murray was the cause of him contracting the STD as accused of by the person who made the video, is therefore irresponsible and impossible.”

Nikita and her husband are happily married and have dealt with the vidoe in private.

“We want to reiterate that our clients are happily married and they have dealt with the effects of this malicious video in private. Their marriage is stronger than before.

“They want to thank all their family and friends and the public who had supported them during these trying times. We trust that you will set the record straight and not harass our clients any further."

For his own part Katlego has this to say about the STD story: "The allegations about the STD are unproven.“

Now the question remains. Where did the STD come from?