ZIMBABWE businesswoman and former live in girlfriend to Genius Kadungure,  Ms Zodwa Mkandla, is set to inherit the Domboshava mansion following  Ginimbi’s death in a horrific car accident on Sunday morning after reports surfaced on Wednesday morning that she co-owned the luxurious Domboshava mansion with the late playboy tycoon.

The home which had become a status symbol at the peak of Ginimbi’s powers was co-owned by Ginimbi and Zodwa, according to State papers retrieved by Zim Morning Post from a 2018 case.

For the later part of his life Ginimbi claimed to have built the mansion in his home area where he grew up.

On Sunday, November 8, the world awoke to the sad news that popular Zimbabwean tycoon and 

Sources close to the developments told Zim Morning Post that “Zodwa has already started projecting herself as the surviving spouse, and is firmly in charge.”

essman Ginimbi Kadungure was dead. 

However, a 2018 court record reveal that flamboyant businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla also claims ownership to the house.

His fans were shocked at how a life so young was taken after a night of partying and fun.

When the two were married, they kept details of their union private. The public got to know of their marriage back in 2018 right after Zodwa and Ginimbi had divorced. 
Zodwa, also known as Zozo, disclosed they used to be spouses during a court hearing in the same year. 

The beauty, who runs a travel agency by the name Traverse, also lives an equally lavish life that includes a huge mansion and a number of powerful machines in her parking lot. 
She and her kids only deal with the crème de la crème and she travels around the world to the most exquisite destinations. 

Zodwa is what most would describe as an ever-happy woman who always has a smile on her face.

No negativity is allowed in her space and despite her social status, humility has always been key to her. 
She is a fashionable woman and a fountain of wisdom whenever she gets in the mood to shoot some advice her fans’ way.