Foreign truck

Foreign truck drivers have been issued with an ultimatum, either vacate jobs or face mass disruptions. The All Truck Drivers Foundation is adamant that the industry should employ nothing less than 100% local drivers. Over 500 members joined the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association and unemployed citizens to protest against foreigners being employed by the industry.

The protestors managed to shut down the Durban Harbour, closing all terminal gates leading to the location. The memorandum handed over called for South Africans to be employed over their foreign counterparts:

“The foreign registration trucks must be driven by foreign truck drivers, as happens in other countries such as Namibia. This must be implemented as from December 1. Enough is enough." The MKMVA's Zibuse Cele feels that the state should implement laws that favour locals, accusing foreigners of stealing jobs: “In all private companies and government departments, we want locals to be given first priority. 

We have a high number of unemployed graduates and truck drivers in this country, and they need jobs." Shop owners were also targeted during the protest, with the MKMVA calling once more for the closure of shops that aren't owned by locals. 

The association insists that foreign nationals are a corruptive force, adamant that all 'social ills' will end when they have been expelled from SA.