Angry Brackenfell

A clip of parents storming towards protesting EFF members at the Brackenfell High School has been shared online. In the clip, the angry parents are using vulgar language to try and persuade the protestors to abandon their protests. 

Not long into the clip, a fight breaks out between a parent and one of the protestors, resulting in a brief moment of chaos. Screaming, running and more shouting ensues while the fight gets broken up. Later on, the two groups can be seen dangerously hurling stones at each other.

Meanwhile, Twitter users who also viewed the clip shared their thoughts on all the commotion. While many of them sided with the EFF, a lot of them questioned the EFF on making the decision to protest while students were writing their exams.

Read a few of their comments below. 
@MissB20_10 said: "EFF is so destructive, my goodness, learners are writing their exams, there come hooligans to disturb them, I don't know what is it exactly that EFF wants to achieve with inciting war amongst SAns, if y'all think white, Indians & coloured of this country will let you bully them." 

@UnmovedLee said: "So these parents thought a protest against racism was a bad thing? And people blame EFF?" 

@Tinkerbones2 said: "Why are the EFF who claim to support education, at a school disrupting exams? The parents have every right to be there protecting their kids. EFF crossed a line."