Press Release

When you have some critical business news to announce, you need to write a press release on a reputable platform like Unlike any other type of publication, this sort of statement is for newsworthy information.

What are the benefits of press release distribution?

Press Release Is For Content Creators

Your audience is not your customer. The audience for your press release is other content creators.

You send out information that lets them know you are offering a new service, product, or lead.


Check your document for spelling, grammatical errors, and even proper AP format. News organisations take well-written press releases more seriously.

If you want to avoid the slush pile, check your document thoroughly for any errors in text or formatting.

Press Release Format

There is a standard format for a press release, and it is an inverted pyramid. The most important information is at the top.

Starting at the top left, you write in capital letters, "for immediate release." Below that line is the date of the news.

You include the contact's name, job position, phone number, and email address on the upper right.

The following line is the headline, and it should be a punchy and intriguing five-word description of your news and should be centred and bold.

The next line should be your city. After this, offer the essentials. They are what, when, why, who, and where.

The information is shared, including some meaningful quotes, which can be from the CEO, or another important figure. This section can consist of excerpts from more than one person.

That is where you end your press release.

Sharing All Information

A press release does not tell the story. Instead, it offers the ingredients of a story.

From this information, the reader can create their own embellished content. They can create content that will appeal to their audience.

Not About SEO

When it comes to anything written, creators always think of SEO. The purpose of a press release is not to help your SEO.

A press release is to share immediate information. Yet, SEO can happen from a press release. That is because backlinks from news sites are quality sites.

Traditional Formatting Required

You can be disruptive with blog posts but cannot alter a press release format. You must follow the format.


A press release should not be a dry piece of writing. Team collaboration should help create the most exciting and compelling press release possible.

Be sure to contact someone within your organisation for their opinion. Getting some informative quotes is gold and will be shared by anyone who creates content about your press release.

Authoritative Sites

Getting your press release to authoritative sites is essential to your press release's success.

There are fees attached to getting your press release to qualified organisations. Be sure to check on their prices and follow the strict press release format guidelines.