John Vuli Gate girls

The stunning group of young ladies who were filmed at a petrol station dancing to the John Vuli Gate song are continuing to make bank following the viral video. 

The challenge is said to have started with a group of young men and proceeded to the group of young women dancing at a petrol station. The group of ladies have made waves for their usage of the unique dance moves. 

Now, the leader of the group shared online how much it will cost to have her make an appearance at different events. The prices were shared on Twitter by social media user @MissLuu_ and it revealed that it costs between R4 000 and R8 000 for the #JohnVuliGateChallenge girl to dance at an event.

It can cost up to R8 000 for the #JohnVuliGateGirls to make an appearance at an event and Mzansi has a lot to say about it. Photo: 

@IamBlackMyth / Twitter. Source: Twitter According to the post, it is R8 000 for an event, R5 000 for a wedding and R4 000 for an appearance. She is also open to appearing in music videos but the price will be negotiated with the interested party. 

Some tweeps didn't think the prices were too high but there were those who were stunned over the thousands of rand the viral girls expect for bookings. Baba Wasekhaya, who goes by the Twitter handle 

@BafoWeEFF, commented: "Who wants a 'stoko' to dance at their wedding. Is it the wife? If it's her, what tone would she be setting for this marriage? Is it the request of the husband? How does he justify it to his wife why he wants this girl to come and dunusa at a cost of R5 000? I'm puzzled."