Coming up on Rhythm City in October 2020:

Rhythm City Teasers - October

Thursday 22 October 2020

Episode 3469

Fats offers his help to Suffocate who despairs about the well-being of his employees and Mzi offers to get his hands dirty. Chicken and the 68s break all ties with Suffocate. Mkhulu Khanya warns Ziyanda that she has to make a choice and Ziyanda makes the decision to give up her life in Joburg to be with her son.

Kea is hopeful that Thapelo will soon ask her to the Matric dance. 

Friday 23 October 2020

Episode 3470

Suffocate goes to Mzi for help getting out of his legal bind and they stake out a jeweller’s and a bank. There’s a distinct vibe between Zak and Zinhle. Khulekani asks Zak to come see him and he offers him a job. Kea is disappointed by Thapelo when he doesn’t ask her to the matric dance.


Monday 26 October 2020

Episode 3471

Suffocate and Mzi continue with their stakeouts until the cops apprehend Mzi. Patrick comes to Mzi’s aid but tells him he has to distance himself from his father. Ziyanda pleads with Khulekani to stay out of Zak’s life but he won’t back down prompting Ziyanda to also offer Zak an internship.

Kea is very suspicious when Bonny and Busi claim they’ve secured a hot dance date for her.

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Episode 3472

Mzi is finally prevailed upon to stand up in public and disavow his father. Khulekani rubs it in to Suffocate, and tells him that he was behind his downfall. Ziyanda unsuccessfully tries to persuade Zak not to take the job with Khulekani.

Nandi warns Khulekani that she’s not prepared to accept any more scandals. Despite Mapula’s attempts to put her straight, Kea finds herself pressured to have sex with Ofentse.

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Episode 3473

Maponya turns down Suffocate’s request for an extension of the deadline so he decides it’s time to kick his grand master plan into action. Puleng insists she is coming with him. Ziyanda tries to go to extreme lengths to solve her problem with Khulekani, but Robert won’t bite.

Kea is riddled with self-doubt and second thoughts about the matric dance.

Thursday 29 October 2020

Episode 3474

Suffocate says his goodbyes to Puleng and Mzi, facing the uncertainty of his fate after the robbery. Khulekani gifts Nandi with the loan of one of the world’s largest diamonds to feature at her jewellery brand launch. Ziyanda tries to figure out a way to get Zak out of Khulekani’s life.

Nandi unwittingly drops a bomb when she tells Ziyanda about Zinhle and Zak going out. Banele starts tutoring Kea and she stands up for herself against Bonny and Busi’s bullying.

Friday 30 October 2020

Episode 3475

Suffocate sets his sights on the Ngobeses’ new jewellery venture despite Puleng’s warnings. 

Ziyanda pesters Khulekani until she finally manages to tell him about Zinhle and Zak going out together. He believes it’s another of Ziyanda’s tricks, until he sees the kids together and explodes.

Kea sounds out Mapula about Banele, and, when Mapula denies there’s anything between them, it reignites the spark Kea feels for him.

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