Operation Pacific Teasers

It's OUT with the old and IN with something new on Telemundo at 21h00 this month.

The re-yawn of My Perfect Family ends on Friday, 12 September and Operation Pacific starts the Monday after.

It's inspired by the real life story of Amalia Ortega, a hard-core, brilliant federal agent who makes it her life's work to capture El Guapo, one of the last drug traffickers on the northern border of Mexico.

These are the first teasers: 

Monday 14 September 2020 

Federal agent Amalia Ortega raids a drug warehouse, while another shipment is seized in the Sonora desert. Both are linked to drug kingpin El Guapo.

Tuesday 15 September 2020 

Amalia moves her children to a maximum security house while efforts are made to rescue her husband, Jorge, who has been taken hostage by the Doctor.

Wednesday 16 September 2020 

Having managed to escape, the Doctor hires a contract killer to deal with Amalia, targeting her when she and the children visit Jorge in hospital.

Thursday 17 September 2020 

Going undercover as a prostitute, Paula is tracked by her police colleagues and leads them to the Doctor. Amalia’s men surround the Doctor’s house.

Friday 18 September 2020 

Amalia and her team succeed in preventing the Doctor’s men from rescuing him. But Vargas makes plans to have the Doctor silenced permanently.

Saturday 19 September 2020 

Amalia has a fatal encounter with Mama Gladys. López dismantles the unit and requests presidential authorisation to operate clandestinely.

Sunday 20 September 2020 

Pedraza finally infiltrates the Governor’s cartel. Amalia sees some incriminating evidence in the Governor’s office, but has to make a quick escape.

Monday 21 September 2020 

Pedraza receives Amalia’s warning and manages to escape. Amalia locates the laboratory, but is ordered to share all her information with Vargas.

Tuesday 22 September 2020 

Amalia, Pedraza and a badly injured Vargas return to Bogotá. Mr M’s lawyer manages to get him off the hook. Vargas puts out a contract on Pedraza.

Wednesday 23 September 2020 

Pedraza has a narrow escape when an attempt is made on his life, and he is sure El Guapo is behind it. Vargas challenges Pedraza to prove his guilt.

Thursday 24 September 2020 

Wilson succeeds in extorting money from Jorge by kidnapping Mariana and holding her to ransom. Amalia discovers her husband and Mariana together.

Friday 25 September 2020 

Amalia manages to escape from her captors, and rescues Pedraza. They go after the Governor, but he gets away. Paula and Rojas discover the real Mr M.

Saturday 26 September 2020 

The Governor kidnaps Jones. Amalia and López devise a rescue plan, but an informant warns the Governor, and Amelia and her men are taken prisoner.

Sunday 27 September 2020 

Paula and Rojas finally obtain enough evidence to incriminate the Governor. Amalia closes in on Mr M, but when she confronts him he manages to escape.

Monday 28 September 2020 

A suicidal Mariana overdoses on heroin. Amalia confides in Pedraza about the failure of her marriage, and they end up in bed together in a hotel.

Tuesday 29 September 2020 

Amalia gives López the evidence he needs to open an investigation on Vargas. El Guapo calls and thanks Vargas when he finds a way to deal with Mr M.

Wednesday 30 September 2020 

Amalia asks for permission to investigate Vargas, as she is sure he will lead them to El Guapo. Meanwhile, she and Pedroza discuss their relationship.

Premiere episodes of Operation Pacific air on Telemundo at 21h00 from Mondays to Sundays.