Zodwa Wabantu doesn't need a reason to have a good time. The star proved this when she jumped on Instagram to dance and just celebrate life. Zodwa danced around her house as she held a bunch of balloons. She wrote, "I know that I'm beautiful. Don't you? Comment below. You are what you see and feel. SEE here video  here 

Fans were quick to share their thoughts with Zodwa. Check out a few of their comments below:


"You're comfortable with yourself and who you are. Like, honestly, I'm not. Not even one percent. (You) should have a webinar for women like us who want to explore themselves, but keep caring about the world and its views."


"Celebrate wena (you), Zodwa. Today, I woke up to the news that one of my former classmates died in her sleep. Kanjalo nje (Just like that). No sickness. Life is too short."


"We love you neh (ok). Mara, Zodwa, haona di aparo (But, Zodwa, don't you have clothes)? Your friends bao misleader (Your friends are misleading you)!"

kaybee_bo "Not sure, but I'm fascinated by you."

Zodwa is one person who doesn't let anyone or anything stop her from having a good time.