Jub Jub appears to have his career back on track but he revealed during his interview with Somizi on Dinner at Somizi's that it was tough to get booked after prison. Dinner at Somizi's has become a hit show recently and is trending at the moment. He had the pleasure of Jub Jub's company on the latest episode.

Learned that he opened up to Somizi about how people had written him off after prison: “Everybody wasn’t answering my calls, now all of that has changed,” he said.

Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala were convicted in 2012 for a car crash. He was released from prison and was out on parole in January 2017. Since his release, Jub Jub has been outspoken about his time in jail. A few weeks ago he had reminded SA of how he was treated when he got out. “Remember when I got back from jail I used to ask y’all to book me, you didn’t. Remember that.”

Earlier, Somizi Mhlongo just announced his new exciting guest for this week’s episode of Dinner At Somizi's. This show has quickly become a Friday staple in many Mzansi homes – it is a vibe. Getting to watch celebrities interact in a relaxed environment over a lit plate of food was really a genius idea. Somizi is a great host who makes his guests feel all kinds of at home. 

Somizi’s new show has taken off. With all the fabulous guests he has already had, it is no wonder fans flock back to their screens weekly to see what’s on next – that goes for both the food and the guest. 

The 1 Magic hit reality show was not given the warmest welcome in the beginning, quite like the show of Somizi’s new guest. Uyajola 9/9’s Jub Jub is the next guest on Somizi’s show and fans cannot wait to see what these two discuss. In other news, Jub Jub has responded to TK Nciza's claims that his show Uyajola 9/9 is fake. The TV host came out guns blazing in his response and denied that the show was scripted. Jub Jub even went as far as to say that he could air the producer's dirty laundry in response. 

TK Nciza had previously said that the show was fake. He claimed the people featured in each episode were just acting. The TV producer went on to say that conduct of such a violent nature was not allowed.