Mzansi has reacted to the latest episode of hit reality TV show Uyajola 9/9. The show's Sunday night episode was lit, as expected. Jub Jub, the presenter of the show, and his crew helped a man bust his cheating girlfriend during the last episode. Sibusiso suspected his bae of cheating on him. The suspicion was confirmed when he caught her red-handed in bed with another man. Sibusiso walked into their house and caught her in the act. She thought that he was at work. 

When Jub Jub, Sibusiso and the crew walked in on them, she claimed that the man was a colleague who had given her a lift home from work. During the couple's argument, Jub Jub picked up a tub of Vaseline in the background and sniffed it several times before he applied some to his lips. That scene was the highlight of many social media users. 

Check out some of their reactions below: @Nhla2_T commented: "Jub Jub checking if the Vaseline doesn't smell like sex."