Master KG's Jerusalema has been doing the thing ever since it's release late last year. The song, which has achieved international success, started what seems like a never-ending dance challenge dubbed the #JerusalemaChallenge. School kids, frontline workers, local and international folks and now even our Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni, everyone seems to be getting in on the fun. In a Twitter post shared by Tito, he can be seen doing the viral dance with two of his boys. "Jerusalema with my boys!" he captioned the post. While the post attracted the attention of hundreds, the finance minister got into a bit of trouble for uploading the video with no sound. Twitter users were quick to go to the rescue, adding music and then also sharing it on the post thread. Many of them also took the chance to comment on Tito and the boys' dance skills. @MpumiNtetha said: "Who is teaching who in this video? At first I thought the boys were teaching their daddy but for some reason it looked like Daddy is teaching the boys... or maybe they just are dancing together." @Dr_lovelee who was not very impressed said: "Next time please dance to the actual song... maybe that will help with the rhythm instead. This looks like three people trying to coordinate a step with three songs playing in their heads."