Coming up in The Way To Paradise 2 this August 2020:

Saturday 1 August 2020 

Catalina agrees to go to Durango withTiti. Mariana tells Sebastian that his mother has a lover. Barrios takes Titi to Chalo’s hacienda.

Sunday 2 August 2020 

Titi confronts Chalo and, with the help of Catalina, kills all his men. The TEA arrives too late. Later, Titi and Catalina go to a hotel together.

Monday 3 August 2020 

Hernán Dario gives Mariana some ‘morning-after’ pills, not wanting to have a child with her. Catalina calls Martin and tells him where Titi is hiding.

Tuesday 4 August 2020 

Hernán Dario tells Valentina that Mariana is crazy. Meanwhile, Martin arrests Catalina, suspecting she is Titi’s accomplice.

Wednesday 5 August 2020 

Santiago tells his children that he can’t take it anymore and that his marriage is over. Anibal arrives at Diabla’s home for the meeting with Daniela.

Thursday 6 August 2020 

Daniel tortures Anibal, asking why he slept with Daniela. Mariana asks Santiago for help. Meanwhile, Martin takes Catalina to a cabin.

Friday 7 August 2020 

Martin confesses his love to Catalina. Diabla forces Anibal to tell her where he has the money hidden. Titi asks Villa to help him find Catalina.

Saturday 8 August 2020 

Martin tells Catalina that she must wear handcuffs every time she goes out. Daniel, Catalina Jr and Albeiro’s friends head out to buy weapons.

Sunday 9 August 2020 

Santiago and Mariana arrive at the hospital for a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Martin fights with Catalina and locks her up again.

Monday 10 August 2020 

Mariana tells Santiago about her test results. Catalina pretends to pass out so that Martin opens the door. He confesses to her that he is a murderer.

Tuesday 11 August 2020 

Santiago calls Soraya. After trying and failing to escape, Catalina makes a horrifying discovery about the contents of Martin’s fridge.

Wednesday 12 August 2020 

The police arrive at Martin’s house and take him to the hospital, and Catalina is finally free. Soraya tries to convince Santiago to leave Catalina.

Thursday 13 August 2020 

Diabla goes to Anibal’s funeral in disguise. Meanwhile, Titi calls Martina and the two of them agree to meet. 

Friday 14 August 2020 

Calvo confesses his love to Hilda and asks her to escape with him, but at that moment Flavia and Maira arrive. Albeiro watches via the drone.

Saturday 15 August 2020 

Catalina calls Santiago, who is at the airport with Sebastián, but he doesn’t answer. She finds a farewell letter from him. Martina goes to meet Titi.

Sunday 16 August 2020 

Catalina tells Mariana what happened at the airport, and says she will rescue Hilda. Martina arrives at the farm and confronts Titi with a gun.

Monday 17 August 2020 

Calvo tells Hilda that he wants to be a musician, while Paolo continues looking for Martina. Mariana tells Sebastian to run away from the house.

Tuesday 18 August 2020 

Catalina finishes giving the instructions to enter Diabla’s farm. At the farm, Hernán Dario and Albeiro kill the men guarding the entrance.

Wednesday 19 August 2020 

Albeiro takes Daniela to Marcial’s old house. Hilda asks Yesica to get information on Calvo. Mariana and Sebastián arrive at Hernán Dario’s house.

Thursday 20 August 2020 

Catalina tells Paola that she works for the TEA, and that one of their missions is to capture Titi. Meanwhile, Mariana offers work to Dayana.

Friday 21 August 2020 

Diabla goes to the clinic in search of Calvo. Meanwhile, Catalina meets the new head of the TEA, who offers to help her.

Saturday 22 August 2020 

The head of the TEA asks Albeiro to call Yesica and change the location of the meeting. Catalina manages to talk with her children.

Sunday 23 August 2020 

Catalina and the head of the TEA begin to plan Hilda’s rescue. Meanwhile, Mariana smokes marijuana with Dayana in an abandoned train carriage.

Monday 24 August 2020 

Albeiro receives a call from Diabla, who is disguised as Amparo. Dayana drugs Mariana so that Titi can take advantage of her.

Tuesday 25 August 2020 

Having been drugged, Mariana arrives at the pool, where the party begins. She confuses Titi with Hernán Dario. Diabla tortures Jota and Albeiro.

Wednesday 26 August 2020 

Mariana regains consciousness and realises that she slept with Titi. Meanwhile, Diabla takes pictures with Albeiro beaten and sends them to Catalina.

Thursday 27 August 2020 

Catalina interrogates Mariana on her encounter with Titi. Meanwhile, Albeiro tells Yesica to release Jota.

Friday 28 August 2020 

Diabla leaves a note for Albeiro. Meanwhile, Titi calls Dayana to ask for Mariana, and tells her that he wants to see her again.

Saturday 29 August 2020 

Catalina Jr releases Daniela with the intention of tracking her with a chip she placed in her hair. Paola in concerned about Martina’s disappearance.

Sunday 30 August 2020

Disguised as Amparo, Diabla arrives at the hotel, where she meets Daniela. Meanwhile, Hernán Dario finds the letter that Mariana left him.

Monday 31 August 2020 

Dayana tells Titi to plan Mariana’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Zoraya and her son arrive in Miami to move in with Santiago.
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