Coming up on Game of Love this August 2020:

Saturday 1 August 2020

Episode 260

Kamini ousts Mahi from the house. Later, Mahi confronts Kamini for sending men to attack Shivaay.

Episode 261

Shivaay gets beaten up by goons when he comes in search of Ranveer. Mahi rescues Shivaay! Will Shivaay learn about Mahi's true nature?

Episode 262

Pinki complains to Shakti that Shivaay loves Anika more than he loves her. Shivaay's behaviour makes the situation worse!

Episode 263

Pinki is upset with Anika as Shivaay gives her all the credit. Meanwhile, Anika tries to find out about Shivaay's lookalike.

Sunday 2 August 2020

Episode 264

Anika finds Mahi and confronts him while Pinky insists on knowing Anika's background from Shivaay. Unable to provide an answer, Shivaay is in a dilemma.

Episode 265

Anika is curious to find out Mahi's motive in rescuing Shivaay. Meanwhile, Anika has something shocking to tell Shivaay.

Episode 266

Shivaay tells his brothers that he wants to know about Anika's family background. Anika becomes furious on hearing this and leaves the mansion. Will they reconcile?

Episode 267

Shivaay visits an orphanage to find out about Anika while Anika heads to a hospital. What is she about to discover?

Monday 3 August 2020

Episode 268

On learning that Mr. Bajaj brought Anika to the orphanage, Shivaay assumes that Anika is his grand-daughter. Is she?

Episode 269

On learning about Anika's miserable past, Shivaay is determined to ensure that she has a good life from here on. Meanwhile, Pinki bribes the warden of the orphanage with evil intentions.

Episode 270

Anika awaits the DNA test result to know whether Shivaay and Mahi are brothers. She confronts Shivaay for spying on her. Later, things get ugly, when a blunder by Anika lands them in deep trouble.

Episode 271

Anika and Shivaay break into a house and spend some fun time inside. Later, they hear a radio announcement. Are they in trouble?

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Episode 272

Some criminals hold Anika at gunpoint. Anika tries to inform Shivaay that she is in trouble. Will she succeed?

Episode 273

Shivaay confronts the criminal when he tries to shoot Anika. In the tussle, the criminal gets shot!.

Episode 274

Shivaay refuses to perform the puja. Later, Anika receives a call about the DNA report, while Pinky hatches a heinous plan against Anika.

Episode 275

Mahi tells Anika that Pinki is not Shivaay's mother leaving her shocked. Meanwhile, at the press conference, a bar dancer, Nayantara, introduces herself as Anika's mother!

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Episode 276

Omkara escorts Anika home. Later, Shivaay finds Anika talking to Nayantara. Will Anika learn the truth?

Episode 277

Anika decides to bond with Nayantara but is left perplexed after the meeting. Will she find out the truth about Nayantara?

Episode 278

Anika asks Nayantara the reason why she abandoned her. Nayantara tries to mislead her. Will Shivaay and Anika find out Nayantara's true identity?

Episode 279

Nayantara passes Shivaay's tests that she is Anika's mother. Before the final word, Shivaay arranges for a DNA test on Nayantara.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Episode 280

Ranveer emotionally blackmails Priyanka. Later, Shivaay tries to collect the DNA report. Will Pinky try to swap the reports?

Episode 281

Though Pinky destroys the reports, Shivaay gets the copy from the doctor. Pinky humiliates Nayantara while Ranveer tries to win Priyanka's trust.

Episode 282

Anika is shattered to know the DNA test result. Later, Shivaay brings Nayantara home. What makes him confront her?

Episode 283

Anika learns that Shivaay is lying about Nayantara. Will she find out why?

Friday 7 August 2020

Episode 284

Rudra saves Shivaay and Omkara from the explosion. Later, fake Svetlana puts Gauri's life at risk and blackmails the Oberois.

Episode 285

Shivaay brings Gauri home and scolds Omkara for not informing him about his marriage. Later, the Oberois conduct the ring ceremony of Shivika and OmGauri.

Saturday 8 August 2020

Episode 286

The Oberois perform a ritual, while Shivaay tells Anika of his plan to expose the traitor in the house, who is behind Nayantara's arrival. Will Pinki get caught?

Episode 287

Anika is shocked learning who is behind Nayantara's arrival. Gauri tries to skip writing her name in the 'Kul Pathri'. Will Anika reveal the truth to Shivaay?

Sunday 9 August 2020

Episode 288

Pinki puts up an act to malign Nayantara. Shivaay lashes out at Anika for accusing Pinki. Meanwhile, Rudra meets Bhavya!

Episode 289

Pinki tries to portray Anika in a bad light by instigating her to add a toxicant. Meanwhile, Rudra falls in love with a gorgeous Bhavya. Who is she?

Monday 10 August 2020

Episode 290

Omkara and Shivaay thrash Ranveer, while Priyanka pleads them to stop. Shivika share an emotional moment while Pinky strikes a deal with Kamini.

Episode 291

Ranveer enters the Oberoi Mansion with Priyanka. Ranveer and Pinky corner Anika for helping Priyanka get married. Will Shivaay accept Anika's excuse?

Episode 292

From the CCTV footage, Anika learns that Pinky is the culprit. Priyanka tries to meet Ranveer while Pinky blackmails Anika.

Episode 293

Pinki orders Anika to leave the house, within three days or else! Later, Gauri, along with Omkara, tries to reunite Shivaay and Anika.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Episode 294

Shivaay plans to spend some romantic time with Anika. Pinky reminds Anika to go away from Shivaay's life. What will Anika do?

Episode 295

Shivaay and Anika share an intimate moment. Later, Anika breaks down as Pinki reminds her of the deal. Will Anika find a solution?

Episode 296

The Oberois worry when Anika goes missing from the sangeet. Later, Shivaay addresses the press about Rudra and Bhavya's marriage. Are they married?

Episode 297

Shivaay wants to spend a romantic time with Anika. Later, he is surprised to see the change in Anika's behaviour. What could be the reason?

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Episode 298

To spoil her image before Shivaay, Anika intentionally stops him from transferring the property share to Omkara and Rudra. Will she succeed?

Episode 299

Omkara and Rudra learn that Shivaay is Kamini's son. Anika refrains them from revealing the truth to Shivaay while consuming alcohol.

Episode 300

Drunk Anika falls asleep before reveaingl the truth to Shivaay. Next day, Shivaay plans a surprise which Pinki wants to ruin. How will Anika face Shivaay?

Episode 301

Shivaay has a surprise for Anika. However, Anika behaves rudely with him while Pinki rejoices to see her plan working.

Thursday 13 August 2020

Episode 302

Anika's shocking revelation about Omkara leaves everyone shocked. Devastated, Shivaay take a drastic decision.

Episode 303

Shivaay throws Anika out of his house. They feel distressed, recalling each other. Will Shivaay learn the truth behind Anika's actions?

Episode 304

Anika tries to hide after she spots Shivaay with Sahil. Suddenly, Shivaay suffers from a heart attack. How will Anika help Shivaay?

Episode 305

Anika attends job interviews while, Ranveer reproaches Kamini for troubling Priyanka. Ragini plans to trap Shivaay.

Friday 14 August 2020

Episode 306

The story takes a leap. Omkara is in coma. Tej decides to let him die while Shivaay is determined to continue his treatment. Will Omkara recover?

Episode 307

Shivaay and Rudra get emotional while thinking about Omkara. Kamini plans to create a rift between Ranvir and Priyanka. Will she succeed?

Episode 308

Ragini puts up a drama to trap Shivaay. Kamini tries to create conflict between Ranvir and Priyanka while Bhavya hides the truth from Rudra.

Episode 309

Ragini puts up a drama in front of Shivaay. Kamini provokes Ranvir against Priyanka. Shivaay is surprised to see Omkara recovered from coma.

Saturday 15 August 2020

Episode 310

Shivaay gets beaten up by goons and Anika senses him to be in danger. Later, Anika meets Samar Malhotra and gets a job.

Episode 311

Anika dresses up as the bride and manages the situation in Chanda's absence. Kamini plans to prove Priyanka mentally unstable. Why?

Episode 312

Shivaay lashes out at Anika on believing that she is getting married. Later, Shivaay gets arrested. Why?

Episode 313

Rudra and Omkara blame Pinki for ruining Shivaay's life. Shivaay gets a shock when Anika returns and claims to be the owner of the house.

Sunday 16 August 2020

Episode 314

Ragini tells her brother that she loves Shivaay. Anika promises Omkara and Rudra to bring Shivaay back to his old self.

Episode 315

Anika tries to make Shivaay jealous by pretending to call Rohit. Will he react to Anika's antics?

Episode 316

Anika realises that accepting Pinky's proposal was a mistake. Omkara-Gari and Rudra-Bhavya decide to reunite Shivaay and Anika.

Episode 317

Anika calls Mr. Malhotra for a metting. Shivaay overhears their conversation and plans to spy on Anika!

Monday 17 August 2020
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Episode 318

As per Rudra's plan, Anika puts up an act. Later, Shivaay decides to get engaged to Ragini.

Episode 319

A jealous Anika stays away from Shivaay. Omkara stops Gauri from leaving Oberoi Mansion.

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Episode 320

After his project gets rejected, Maan decides to work at a construction site to feed Geet and himself. However, to his surprise, Geet organises for dinner. Will Maan overcome the rejection?

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Episode 321

Shivaay and Anika's fight continues, but they join hands to unite Omkara and Gauri. Ragini plots to win over Shivaay! The brothers Oberoi receive Shivaay's shocking video!

Thursday 20 August 2020

Episode 322

Anika, Gauri, and Bhavya repent for misunderstanding their husbands. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra find an anonymous baby in their house and are eager to know about his father. Who is it?

Friday 21 August 2020

Episode 323

Anika, Bhavya and Gauri plan to spy on their husbands. Anika and Shivaay confront each other while Omkara shares his feelings with Gauri. Omkara puts Bunty in a laundry basket. Anika carries it to the laundry.

Monday 24 August 2020

Episode 324

The Oberoi brothers decide to accept the baby, Bubbly as their daughter, while Tej and Svetlana conspire against Janhvi. Someone is attempting to attack Shivaay under Ragini's guidance.

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Episode 325

In search of the baby, a few miscreants enter Oberoi Mansion and attack ShiOmRu. Bhavya and the Oberois fight the goons and rescue the baby.

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Episode 326

Tej attempts to kill Svetlana and Janhvi. Tej becomes unconscious after Janhvi hits him. Janhavi and Svetlana deal with the police and head to the graveyard.

Thursday 27 August 2020

Episode 327

Shivaay and Anika's relationship turns hostile, while Rudra and Omkara strive to bring them closer. Shivaay accidentally meets Tia, and later confronts Anika about the past incident.

Friday 28 August 2020

Episode 328

Shivaay handcuffs Anika and plans to give her bhaang to get the truth out. Shivaay tries to recall Anika's confession.

Monday 31 August 2020

Episode 329

Teaser unavailable.
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