Tino Chinyani has responded to negative comments from social media trolls following his announcement that his girlfriend Simphiwe Ngema is pregnant with their first child together. When the couple shared their good news on their timelines on Wednesday, a lot of peeps congratulated them but there were those who tried to take the shine of their exciting moment.

Tweeps pulled out an Instagram post of the father-to-be and model Blue Mbombo sharing a sultry nude pic. Tino had captioned the post: "You were made for me." Tino and Blue are both signed to the same modelling agency, according to ZAlebs. A tweep, 

@nngoni_, who shared the pic on Tino's comment section asked: "So this was just art l thought... never mind." 
@Remo_filwe_ commented: "I’m happy for Simphiwe. She deserves to be happy. I just wish it was with someone else. Tino can’t commit to long-term. He’s going to break her heart." 

@mmm_fifiii wrote: "Congratulations. But what happened to Blue?" Tino was unfazed by the negative vibes. The model and actor clapped back. 
He said: "To all the negative energy on the TL, I can’t hear you over the sound of God blessing me and my family," according to ZAlebs. 

Tino added: "People have and always will be intimidated by people who know who they are and where they’re going. Enjoy the journey and let them enjoy the show from the sidelines."