Popular South African football players Thembinkosi Lorch, who inspired a famous ama'piano song, and his teammate Justin Shonga are allegedly no longer a part of Orlando Pirates football team. This comes after the two violated the "team protocol". 

According to the football clubs website, it seems the two may have ignored governmental safety measures and subsequently served as a bad example to the public. 

In a statement written on the website it reads, "All players have been educated, and are constantly reminded, of their responsibilities as public servants and role models, it is our role and duty to ensure that all members of this organisation are fully compliant and aware of the measures that are in place.

The website goes on to say that the players can still return to the team once they have both been through a disciplinary hearing process. They will also need to be confirmed negative for the coronavirus. 

"Both players will be afforded the opportunity to return to play once the disciplinary processes have been finalised."

 "Mr Lorch and Mr Shonga will also be required to undergo two Covid-19 tests, which both must be negative, as the BSE protocols dictate, before they resume any club activities," the statement concluded.