Master KG has left many in disbelief after he revealed how old he actually is. Many could not believe that the Jerusalema hitmaker is so young. The internationally-recognised musician, who produced a hit that is loved worldwide, revealed that he is only 24. Master KG responded to a tweet from a fan who asked him how old he is. His response immediately went viral as his followers tried to digest the revelation. Many just couldn't believe it and were convinced that he was using his 'soccer age'.
Jerusalema hitmaker, Master KG, is only 24 years old. Image: @masterkgsa/Instagram Source: Instagram 

chiefcebo said: "I was younger than you when you started your music career, now I'm older than you? Chelete keeps people young."

Amza_5 saud: "Hawu, I thought you're in your 30s."

umo73066612 said: "Hayibo master, are you sure that you are not using football age?"

tathy_pedro said: "24 years? Take your cap off first."