Ever since the news of coronavirus was heard, the entire world has become standstill. We all have our hearts in our hands. The full 2020 has just been filled with negative news. Sports lovers wait for four long years for an Olympic. With the growth of the virus, it had to be canceled.

However, diehard football lovers have had some good news. The matches were being conducted. Without the audience, it is no fun, but at least we could see our favorite teams and our favorite players on screen and enjoy it.

The Brazil team, Goias, had a match with Sao Paulo FC during the football season of Brazil. The fans were all excited and ready for the groups to take-off each-other. Even the team players had trained hard for this match. Sadly, a rather unfortunate event took place just before a couple of minutes left for the game. The match was terminated after about ten players of the teams were infected by the virus. The Court of Superior Sports took the proposal to cancel the matches of Football. Then the final decision rested upon the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), and they approved it.

The scenario was unusual.

The match was all- set to take place. All the formalities were done, things were ready. The Sao Paulo team players were warming up on the ground. The board had not decided to cancel the match until then. The cancellation news was announced before a few minutes of the scheduled time.

The question is, what were the board doing all this time? Why did they have to wait so long to cancel the match? Today, matches on Total Sportek are updated months before the scheduled time, and if the matches are canceled, these blogs let you know beforehand. But, this was not what we expect from an entire sports council.

They seem to have a viable explanation. The test reports of the players had come in on the very day of the match. That is why the information circulation was delayed. The statement of the Goias president Mr. Marcelo Almeida goes like this “Ten players are now affected by the virus. Unfortunately, the test results are received today”. He stated this to the Globo, which is a television channel.

Brazil has crossed about 100,000 deaths and 3 million Covid-19 positive cases. Under these circumstances, the match which was to happen three months ago was finally scheduled. The CBF had set some protocols which had to be maintained because of the virus. Under this protocol, the team players had to be examined 72 hours prior to the game. The ten players who tested positive, eight were supposed to be featured in the starting line-up. Initially, the test which was carried out was deemed invalid by the CBF as the packaging was ‘improper,’ according to the club.

The final test that was carried out by Goias were received only 10 minutes before the match started.

The other team, Sao Paulo, agreed with the decision not to go ahead with the match because before everything, health and staying alive is essential.

As evident, the fans are disappointed with the decision as they already had to wait so much for the match to take place, and right when the match was about to happen, it got postponed. But, we as fans have to keep up the sportsman spirit and understand its gravity. There a whole pandemic to fight off. The battle with the virus is not over yet. With ten players testing positive, everyone who has come in contact with them has to be quarantined, and before that, they have to be informed. So, everyone is at risk now. Whatever the reason, just for our entertainment, we do not have the right to put other lives in danger.

Football matches will be scheduled again when the situation is better. All of us are keenly waiting for the world to heal. For so many months, we are patiently waiting for the vaccine to come.

The CBF will post further match details. Until then, we hope that the players get well soon.