Coming up on Vierspel Vuurspel this August 2020:

Monday 3 August 2020
Episode 36

Coskun clears his trail and Mert struggles to keep up with him. Will Husnu's plans with Celal come to fruition, and is Sarp ready to work with Yusuf again?

Tuesday 4 August 2020
Episode 37

Sarp is on the brink of giving up on Umut while Mert is willing to challenge Celal to find his family. A mysterious lawyer emerges.

Wednesday 5 August 2020
Episode 38

Who is the powerful person behind the lawyer that has Celal on his toes? How will Mert find Coskun now that his only lead is dead and will he ever get the truth out of Celal?

Thursday 6 August 2020
Episode 39

The real identity of the mysterious boss is revealed and Mert has another chance to catch the sly Coskun. Sarp's cover is on the line, what implications does that hold now that Yusuf is resigning as Chief?

Friday 7 August 2020
Episode 40

Celal puts Layla in a very tight position, which requires Sarp and Layla to come up with an urgent plan in order to save her life.

Monday 10 August 2020
Episode 41

Will the captured lawyer mislead Celal or confess all? Layla has a tough decision to make concerning her alliance with Sarp.

Tuesday 11 August 2020
Episode 42

With all other mafia bosses pledging allegiance to "The Boss”, could it mean the end of Celal Duman? Sarp's fate is in Layla's hands, will she let him live or die?

Wednesday 12 August 2020
Episode 43

Will Yusuf survive his critical condition? Celal has Layla’s security camera footage of Sarp, how will this play out for Sarp?

Thursday 13 August 2020
Episode 44

The police are in possession of footage that can nail Celal and Mert is under a lot of pressure to destroy the footage, but how can he do it without getting caught? Melek’s visit to Fusun evokes an unusual extreme reaction from Celal.

Friday 14 August 2020
Episode 45

The footage situation gets even more complex for Mert as Coskun asks him to give up Celal for his family. Sarp and Davut have a long due standoff while Yusuf’s past catches up with him.

Monday 17 August 2020
Episode 46

Mert finally sees the security footage of Sarp and Layla. Melek fears that Celal will find out about her and Sarp's relationship as it will mean dire consequences for Sarp.

Tuesday 18 August 2020
Episode 47

What does Mert have in store for Sharp now that he knows about Sharps meeting with Leyla? Celal desperately seeks Melek’s forgiveness.

Wednesday 19 August 2020
Episode 48

Who is this mafia boss that Coskun teams-up with and that could well be a match for Celal? Sarp stands face-to-face with death after outraged Celal learns about his relationship with Melek.

Thursday 20 August 2020
Episode 49

How will Sarp survive the Russian roulette and just who is responsible for the kidnapping of Melek?

Friday 21 August 2020
Episode 50

Yasar and Coskun put Celal in a very difficult position: he needs to choose between his own life or Melek's.

Monday 24 August 2020
Episode 51

Between suspicious Yusuf and Coskun, there's a lot of pressure on Mert to keep his cover. Sarp finally gets the opportunity to get information from Coskun about Umut.

Tuesday 25 August 2020
Episode 52

How will Celal stop Coskun from telling Melek the truth now that he has once again failed to kill Coskun?

Wednesday 26 August 2020
Episode 53

Coskun's hiding place becomes known to Celal, but Sarp protects Coskun. Mert shows surprising
feelings. Will Coskun survive?

Thursday 27 August 2020
Episode 54

Since Melek hates Celal so much now, will she be willing to give him up to the police? Mert wants to punish Sarp for "killing Coskun" and Yasar is willing to do anything to kill Sarp.

Friday 28 August 2020
Episode 55

With the suspicious Davut on his trail, how long will Sarp be able to keep Coskun a secret with his amnesia? Shockingly, Gokhan is not whom he pretends to be.

Monday 31 August 2020
Episode 56

Yusuf begs Sarp to help his son Gokhan, but will Sarp be able to get to him before Yasar does? Melek is eager to learn more about her mother from her mother's family, but this does not sit well with Celal.

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