Coming up on Deur Dik en Dun this August 2020:

Monday 3 August 2020
Episode 21

The events of last night weigh heavily on Sureyya’s mind as she believes that Esma’s heart attack was her fault. Faruk and Fikret get into an intense argument over business. 

Tuesday 4 August 2020
Episode 22

Esma finds out that Sureyya plans on opening a music school and tries to cause tension between her and Faruk. Ipek softens towards Fikret after seeing he's injured. Faruk interrupts Adem and Dilara's date to confront, and threaten, Adem. 

Wednesday 5 August 2020
Episode 23

After an attempt on his life, Adem has Faruk arrested in front of his family and the relationships with the men in their life threaten to tear Sureyya and Dilara apart, but does Dilara see through the men's lies?

Thursday 6 August 2020
Episode 24

Wracking her brain trying to find a way to win back Faruk's affections, Sureyya finds help in unexpected places. While her Aunt Senem is forced to face the ghosts of her mysterious past. 

Friday 7 August 2020
Episode 25

Murat brings home an uninvited guest to the dinner table which brings tension to the Boran mansion. Sureyya and Faruk reconcile whilst Begum struggles with her emotions. 

Monday 10 August 2020
Episode 26

Senem is forced to do something she would otherwise never do and Begum, aware that time may be running out, decides to pay a visit to the mansion. Sureyya can tell something's off about Faruk but will she find what it is?

Tuesday 11 August 2020
Episode 27

The family doesn't approve FIkret's request to buy a house. Adem reveals to Fikret he killed his father. Meanwhile, Ipek concocts a plan to raise suspicion about Sureyya.

Wednesday 12 August 2020
Episode 28

Things are tense in the Boran household after the fire. Ipek plants the idea of Sureyya being bad luck into Esma's head. Faruk receives shocking news from Akif with regards to Adem. Begum deals with a difficult decision regarding her health and moving forward with chemotherapy. 

Thursday 13 August 2020
Episode 29

Sureyya's school is ready to open and Surreya is both nervous and excited, but with Faruk at her side what could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile Begum builds up the courage to finally face Faruk.

Friday 14 August 2020
Episode 30

After Sureyya's big opening ceremony, Ipek begins to put her plan into action, Faruk finally confronts Begum and Senem makes a deal with the devil. As if this isn't enough, the staff are shaken after Bade's actions become extreme.

Monday 17 August 2020
Episode 31

Bade’s suicide attempt comes to light and Sureyya decides that she’s had enough of Esma’s despotism. Murat’s actions send the mansion into turmoil and Fikret goes against his family's wishes.

Tuesday 18 August 2020
Episode 32

Sureyya comforts Bade by offering to tutor her. Begum prepares for her first round of treatment. Faruk and the rest of the family are left in distress after Sureyya invites Emir to their family dinner, sparking suspicion as to who his father may be. 

Wednesday 19 August 2020
Episode 33

Esma and the bothers suspect Emir may be Faruk's son. Esma takes measures to find out. Faruk hunts for the truth.

Thursday 20 August 2020
Episode 34

Faruk, determined that Emir is not his son, tells Pelin to pass on the message to Begum to leave him and Sureyya alone. But how can he keep Sureyya away from the child she's grown so attached to?

Friday 21 August 2020
Episode 35

The pleasantries of Mother’s Day are soon forgotten. Ipek’s jealously becomes clear and thanks to her little plan, Sureyya is sent into a state that could endanger her child. 

Monday 24 August 2020
Episode 36

With Faruk standing in front of her, Pelin can no longer hide the secret. Esma discovers the truth and is shaken to her very core and Akif is on the verge of landing a huge deal, but with everything going on, who will be there to sign it?

Tuesday 25 August 2020
Episode 37

Faruk confronts Esma with regards to the DNA test done behind his back. Esma has promised to stay put of Faruk's business, even though it hurts her. Begum receives good news regarding her treatment, but her mood is spoiled when she sees Esma at her door. 

Wednesday 26 August 2020
Episode 38

Sureyya and Faruk receive bad news about the test results. Ipek discovers she's pregnant, and Esma decides to interfere with Begum and Emir.

Thursday 27 August 2020
Episode 39

Faruk is finally able to spend time with his son, but how long will keeping the pretence up help? Tensions between Esma and Faruk come to a boiling point and Ipek reveals a shocking confession.

Friday 28 August 2020
Episode 40

As Faruk and Sureyya get ready to move out of the house Esma does the unthinkable and the family starts to turn on the happy couple. 

Monday 31 August 2020
Episode 41

Murat threatens Sureyya, blaming her for Faruk leaving. Sureyya and Ipek settle into their new homes. The family is rocked by an accident, threatening the lives of one of their own.

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