Coming up on This is Fate this July 2020
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Wednesday 1 July 2020
Episode 27

Sherlyn drives a wedge between Karan and Preeta. Shriti finds out that that Sherlyn was responsible for the incident that ruined their event. How will she react to these findings?

Thursday 2 July 2020
Episode 28

Rishab realises that Sarla is innocent but he cannot help her get released from jail. Karan finds out that Sherlyn is a deceiver and has that she has something dangerous up her sleeve. 

Friday 3 July 2020
Episode 29

Finally, Sarla gets the justice she deserves. Sherlyn is starting to grow suspicious of Karan, she is convinced that he is after her. After finding out that Karan helped Preeta, Kareena influences the family to turn their backs on him. 

Saturday 4 July 2020
Episode 30

Shriti tries to spill the beans about Sherlyn’s lies but Preeta stops her. Karan keeps a close eye on Sherlyn, will he eventually catch her in the act?

Sunday 5 July 2020
Episode 31

Sameer tries to get information about Sherlyn’s boyfriend, but it is evident that she covers her tracks very well. 

Monday 6 July 2020
Episode 32

Preeta is hot on Sherlyn’s heels, will she catch her this time? 

Tuesday 7 July 2020
Episode 33

Sarla invites a matchmaker to choose a life partner for Preeta. Will she agree to get married this time?

Wednesday 8 July 2020
Episode 34

Karan hears about Preeta’s proposal. He cannot stand the thought of Preeta being married. He pours out his heart to Preeta, the outcome of this event is not an expected one.

Thursday 9 July 2020
Episode 35

Preeta is impressed by her potential groom but this does not sit well with Karan.  

Friday 10 July 2020
Episode 36

Karan asks Preeta to postpone her wedding until they complete their mission. The two find out that Sherlyn is observing a fast for her boyfriend. Will they be able to catch her in the act?

Saturday 11 July 2020
Episode 37

Shriti is convinced that Preeta and Karan are in love. It appears that Sherlyn’s boyfriend will be at the Luthra house to end her fast. 

Sunday 12 July 2020
Episode 38

It is revealed that the man having an affair with Sherlyn is actually the man who is meant to marry Preeta.

Monday 13 July 2020
Episode 39

Sarla approaches Rakhi with a marriage proposal for Preeta and Karan. Sherlyn continues her tricks with her lover. Preeta and Karan are finally on to Sherlyn's lover, but will they catch him in time?

Tuesday 14 July 2020
Episode 40

Rakhi is under the misunderstanding that Sameer and Shriti are in love. Sherlyn and her lover are persistent in trying to make their love story a success.

Wednesday 15 July 2020
Episode 41

Preeta and Karan are struggling to fulfil their mission of catching Sherlyn with her boyfriend. Will this cat and mouse game ever end?

Thursday 16 July 2020
Episode 42

Everyone is happy and rejoices over Preeta’s engagement. However, the Luthra brothers do not share the same sentiments.

Friday 17 July 2020
Episode 43

Prithvi worries about Karan exposing him. It is the day of the engagement and Sarla is showing off her future son-in-law to everyone at the party.

Saturday 18 July 2020
Episode 44

Karan tries to warn Preeta against marrying Pritvhi. Janki catches Sherlyn and Pritvhi being intimate with each other.

Sunday 19 July 2020
Episode 45

Janki tries to tell Sarla the truth about Prithvi, but Kabir keeps getting in the way. To silence Janki, Pritvhi and Sherlyn take a drastic step. 

Monday 20 July 2020
Episode 46

After seeing Sameer and Shriti together, Sarla is convinced something is going on between the two of them. Pritvhi’s intentions are questioned when he fails to display affection towards Preeta.

Tuesday 21 July 2020
Episode 47

Sameer steps in and comforts Preeta when she is traumatised by the fire incident. Karan and Rishab suffer from the smoke, will they make it? 

Wednesday 22 July 2020
Episode 48

Preeta cannot stand seeing Karan in a critical state. Pritvhi manages to redeem himself from the embarrassment he felt during the fire. 

Thursday 23 July 2020
Episode 49

Pritvhi goes to Sarla’s house in an attempt to finish what he started with Junki. Will he be able to end her life this time?

Friday 24 July 2020
Episode 50

Pritvhi tries to finally kill Janki but he gets caught in the act.

Saturday 25 July 2020
Episode 51

Karan finds out that Pritvhi is having an affair. He devises a plan to catch him red-handed. 

Sunday 26 July 2020
Episode 52

Kareena pushes forward the date of Sherlyn and Rishab’s wedding. Karan tries to prove to Preeta that Pritvhi is not a good person, but he keeps failing at his mission. 

Monday 27 July 2020
Episode 53

Prithvi finds out Janki may regain consciousness anytime and goes to check on her but to his disappointment, Pragya’s grandmother is there.

Tuesday 28 July 2020
Episode 54

Junki regains her consciousness but she does not remember anything about her past. Sherlyn and Pritvhi feel relief, little do they know what’s coming their way.

Wednesday 29 July 2020
Episode 55

Karan’s career is progressing and the Luthra family are happy about this. Mahesh overhears Rishab talking to Sarla about Preeta, he realizes that he is in love with her.

Thursday 30 July 2020
Episode 56

Karan and Preeta keep making each other’s lives a living nightmare. Janki faces injustices due to her position but she does not accept disrespect from anyone. 

Friday 31 July 2020
Episode 57

Pritvhi pushes Janki down a flight of stairs to end her life. Preeta and Karan desire to complete their missing but will they be able to do it before he leaves?

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