A lot of people argue either the press release is dead or have been evolved since it started. By any means, the only possible way to get the attention for your press release is the fascinating hook. More often, the hardest thing is to find the forthcoming topic, and one can’t find good topics to engage the audience through the press release. 
There are many best press release distribution services that enhance publicity. If we come across the ideas that motivate the effective press release, there are a couple of questions that pop up in; What could a journalist add to the content to make it newsworthy? Or How can he engage people onto his piece of work? 
The following are the ideas that can answer these questions and motivate the next press release:
1-Establish and Execute Your Start-up
Before hitting directly towards the center of the story, establish your account gradually by focusing on the facts and theme. 
It develops curiosity among the audience, which leads to making an exciting story. For example, if you have started a business with your four siblings, people will be attracted more towards what motivated you to start your own family business and what makes it unique than simply announcing your start-up.

2- Participation in a Community Event
Two goals can be accomplished by participating in a community event. Firstly, people recognize you and come out to support your start-up in that event. Secondly, it enhances your network, which leads to better communication and customers. Being an active citizen, you can help people to locate your business.

3- Entertain Funding 
Venture capitalist Mark Suster said, “Funding is the story.” Sharing your funding stories will attract other journalists, bloggers of the technology sector, and bring you some more investors. 

4- Part of the board members or speaking to a public event. 
Being invited to serve as a board member or a panelist in the media industry or any group, use the meeting topic for your next press release. 
People will deem you as an expert in that field. Another way to accelerate your work is to speak at public gatherings and then issue a press release of that event. Sometimes you get vouchers for your reader; you can add that in your next statement. It will help you grow, and the audience will admire you for your act.
After hiring someone at a top place either in a business or a government sector, issuing that press release will get more viewers. Lets take an example: the way US senate appointed the first black Air Chief officer General Charles Q. 
Brown Jr just after the protests and riots against the racism in the US brings credibility and reliability to an organization. After the press release was issued, the African-Americans were criticized for having equal rights in America by different journalists. 
There are many interesting examples that you would be amazed to see and learn from them the strategies involved.

Nevertheless, Your distribution strategy for the press release should simplify the jobs of journalists and help you to gain more traction once your press release is successfully published. Selecting the reliable distribution service, carefully issuing and targeting your release, monitoring the entire outcome, and continuing promotion after distribution will help increase your chances of publishing your press release.