Trevor Noah

In light of social distancing measures, comedian Trevor Noah has been hosting a version of The Daily Show from home.

With studio production halted, many of the crew members who usually work on the popular US talk show have been furloughed (put on unpaid leave), which the South African funnyman apparently believes is not a laughing matter.

Variety reports that Noah is determined that his team, who he "respects tremendously", will get through this tough time together. That's why he is reported to be personally paying the salaries of 25 of them until it is back to business as usual.

Noah has not yet commented on the matter on any of his personal social media platforms.

In 2019, Forbes reported that Noah's annual earnings were a whopping $28-million (about R527-million), which made him the fourth-highest paid comedian in the world at that time.

Noah is one of several American TV hosts who are broadcasting from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Others include Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon.