Somizi Mohlongo  and Ayanda Thabethe
Totally bored, Somizi Mohlongo was desperate to read a good book. He decided to call on a fellow celebrity friend and neighbour, Ayanda Thabethe, to borrow some reading material. Lockdown has us all doing the strangest things to pass time. We are all going to come out of this changed humans. 

Somizi and Ayanda are neighbours – totally convenient during this awful time. With the lockdown and social distancing restrictions that are in place, Somizi reacted quickly to let followers know that he did not break any rules. 

He commented that he got the book and left immediately thereafter. “PS: I didn't get inside I just took the book and left. Phela nginazi nina bo Instagram Cele... Twitter nkosazana zuma nabo Facebook Ramaphosa... WhatsApp Mkhize ngama judgements.” 

The video is proof of how Somizi went about collecting the book from Ayanda’s luxurious Johannesburg home. Upon arrival, Somizi got a real surprise – there was an overly-excited pup waiting for him. You can see how excited the Pomeranian pooch is waiting to greet Somizi. 

Poor dog hasn’t seen visitors in weeks. “Went to borrow a book to read from my neighbour Ayanda Thabethe, and was met by this cutie at the gate.” The excited dog was greeted by Somizi who kept still kept his distance – our guy is not a fan. Somizi did however find the fur baby hella cute despite his dislike of canines. The little fluff ball is a total cutie, we can’t even blame him.