Buhle Samuels
With the year just five months old and everybody still under lockdown, actress Buhle Samuels thinks now would be the best time for her to have a baby.

The actress shared her sentiments on Twitter this week about maybe falling pregnant, saying the timing would be perfect.

“Since this year is cancelled basically, it would be a great time to have a baby - sort of. No fomo. No need to dress up. Time at home with your loved ones. Sounds not too bad,” she wrote.

In a thread she shared on Twitter, the actress said: “I'm wondering about what we can take away from this virus. Do we actually need to go to offices to work? Of course, some professions do, but some are operating fine. Is it necessary to have people stuck in traffic stressed out and anxious? Can’t bosses come up with a more flexible way?”

Buhle said she understood that some people have no choice but to go out and work, but the pandemic has proved to many in SA that it is actually possible to work from home.

“Also, businesses can reduce their costs by renting out offices by hot-desking ... If staff, and people in general, aren’t travelling so much, then insurance companies can reduce people's premiums, putting more money in people's pockets. So people can make ends meet.”