A recent video managed to confound, but also amuse South Africans after it was shared via Facebook. The footage revealed how a driver somehow managed to crash his bakkie in the pool of a homeowner. A few men tried in valiantly to retrieve the vehicle from the water, but it seemed a fruitless exercise.

The video was shared by South Africa Live on Wednesday and has been viewed nearly 50 000 times. Bemused social media users tried to make sense of it all, but couldn't stop laughing out loud.

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Tebogo Mogope suggested,

"Maybe he was drunk by sanitiser."

Rainy Peters said,

"Then people wants liquor stores to open..how many divers be reported on a daily basis.....diving vs Covid-19.

" Andre De Waal added,

"At least he remembered to put the wipers on.

" Claude Sukhdeo asked,
"Doesn't he know, no swimming during lockdown?"