The late polygamist also fathered 281 children but 125 died before him, leaving 156 surviving children. Francisco has children and 67 great-grand-children surviving him.

Despite the social distancing rule, almost 1,000 people came out to pay their last respects to a popular polygamist in Angola. The man identified as Francisco Tchikuteny Sabalo died from prostate cancer and he was laid to rest on Sunday, 19 April, 2020. Before his death, the Angolan, who is popularly called Big Dad, was a man with a very big family.

Despite being a father of many children, it was reported that the polygamist valued education and spent more than a lot of money every year on school supplies. Three of his daughters are currently studying medical sciences and two sons are learning computer science.

The first wife of Francisco reveals her intentions to fulfil her husband's last wishes, which is to keep the children fed and united. The extended family primarily relies on farming, raising domestic animals and the proceeds they get from the family business.