Simphiwe Dana

Simphiwe Dana went on Titter with the blanket claim that all South African men are the biggest gold diggers.  See her original  Titter "Truth is that South African men are the biggest gold diggers. They even dig the maintenance money"

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This is not based on any known fact. Not in SA. SA men are gold diggers wethu. Qha us women women siyabaquma

Bacele iUber. Ubathengele iairtime. Ubabhatalele irent. They’re driving your car. Using your bank card. And you’re paying all the bills. Shameless. Still have the audacity to go out there and say they’re taking care of you. That you a gold digger. They’re not paying maintenance

Until you acknowledge the hurt you’ve visited on your baby mamas and your kids. I suggest you keep it silent
I just love how SA men, with their short ugly selves, have such audacity. I’m probably older than this one. But he feels privileged enough to call me a kid
Misogynists are sucky with that bad choices you made bullshit. Because it can never be that men are just shit in general. And in this case SAns
As #SimphiweMustFall picked up momentum, a tweep by the name of Malambane started exposing Simphiwe's files. Malambane alleged that Simphiwe was dumped by a Zambian guy and is still bitter, hence now she's attacking SA men. 

Malambane also alleged that Simphiwe has two children by men who are actually non-South African.
Fans brought up Simphiwe's ongoing domestic violence case and the fact that, in the past, she's admitted to dating a married man. 

Sho! We hope Simphiwe will recover soon from whatever she's going through - or at least channel her heartbreak into another fire album for us to enjoy.