Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo has muted her Twitter account after being bullied for her response on dealing with heartbreak. It all started during an innocent Instagram Live session with fans. When asked how to deal with heartbreak, Nomzamo responded by laughing sarcastically and saying: "We are strong, we move.

The way she laughed had tweeps convinced the actress is still hurt over her break-up from Maps Maponyane and they started flooding her mentions.

Tamela Leevoy wrote, "This is exactly what we as ladies do to try convince people we are okay."
Nala Denga said, "I'd understand if she calmly just answered that she hasn't experienced heartbreak, but to laugh hysterically and act like she doesn't know what a heartbreak is sounds like denial and hurt. Poor thing." Nomzamo became so annoyed with people telling her to "heal" that she began swearing at them.