Connie Ferguson has opened up about the strain that the lockdown has put on her production company, Ferguson Films. Ferguson Films produces The Queen, DStv's most high-rated soapie.

Connie, who's also the lead actress on The Queen, said the soapie is running out of episodes to air.

The worker contracts of the soapie actors and crew expire at the end of May. It's been impossible for Ferguson Films to renew them in light of the uncertainty that lockdown has brought. She told Sunday Times, "We will not be able to deliver that content by the end of May. There's so much going on behind the scenes. 

We are thinking about how we're going to survive as a company, but not only that, we are thinking how are we going to help our people." Connie said they currently only have enough episodes to last until the first week of May. 

The Department of Arts and Culture has set aside a coronavirus relief fund for those in the arts industries.