The winner of #lockdownselfiesbeforeandafter is Dj Khaled who went from "we the best" to we depressed.
South Africans have proven that they love a challenge and they often start trending via social media. As a way of keeping busy, social media users have initiated the #lockdownselfiesbeforeandafter challenge. The challenge involves tweeps sharing selfies to compare their pre-lockdown to post-lockdown appearances.

#LockDownSelfiesBeforeAndAfter Life is def the ghetto rn.

#LockdownSelfiesBeforeAndAfter Salons will never see me again. I've learned how to do my own hair. Necessity drives you to learn or improve on a skill.
Smiling face
Smiling face

Before Vs During #LockdownSelfiesBeforeAndAfter

#lockdownselfiesbeforeandafter Kubad
Loudly crying face
Tired face
Broken heart
I have became my own hairstylist now
Crossed fingers

Face with tears of joy
go maswe

Before and During. We are now strictly rocking natural hair with no make up. #lockdownselfiesbeforeandafter