Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba, one of South Africa's most loved media personalities gave Mzansi a good 'lol' with a series of posts on Twitter. Many men in SA would love to call Bonang their wife, and one lucky man got to do that, even if it was for a joke.

The pair kept the joke going in a series of tweets to Mzansi's delight. A social media user, @NkanyisoShoba13, asked Bonang if she could cook because he is looking for a wife and she replied asking if he could fix a roof.

He replied letter her know that she should consider herself married and she jokingly replied: "Mrs Bonang Matheba-Shoba reporting for duty"
Can you fix a roof? I'm looking for a huuuuuuusband

Mrs. Bonang Matheba- Shoba reporting for duty 

Consider yourself married @bonang_m