Are you getting bored of watching all of your favorite shows on your small screen? Are you thinking of buying a Smart TV? Well, if you were thinking about a smart TV, you should buy TV Buddy Caster instead. TV Buddy Caster is so much cheaper and can be used anywhere in your house as long as you have a TV and any kind of other devices. There are a ton of reasons as to why you get TV Buddy Caster instead. Before that, though, let’s talk about what TV Buddy Caster is. 

TV Buddy Caster is a streaming device. It allows you to stream over thousands of app from your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer wirelessly. It gives you the ability to stream apps like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Pandora, YouTube, and so much more that I bet you can’t count up to that amount. It allows you to stream all of those apps into your big screen. Plus, it also allows you to stream games and music, so if you’re not so much a movie lover, you’ll do have other reasons to buy this product.

Now that you know what TV Buddy Caster is, you might be wondering why you should buy TV Buddy Caster instead of a smart TV. So, here is a list that will tell you why you should buy this product instead of a smart TV.

Smart TVs often don’t have the latest updates from any streaming service app. This means that maybe you’re missing out on a show that everyone’s watching on Netflix, or Hulu, or any streaming service app out there, and you’re the only one who hasn’t watched it yet. So, you could be worried about this problem, which can lead to a lot of stress or headaches. But you don’t need to experience this headache by buying TV Buddy Caster. 

Like I said earlier, TV Buddy Caster is so much cheaper compared to a smart TV. I mean, you can buy a smart TV for around a thousand dollars, but you can buy TV Buddy Caster, for only about fifty dollars. And TV Buddy Caster will provide you with so many more benefits compared to a smart TV. And a smart TV can be tough to figure out, meanwhile with TV Buddy Caster, all you need to do is to plug it in and enjoy watching your favorite show. 

Most smart TVs usually have a ton of setting that you probably don’t even use. This could cause more lag. Meanwhile, with TV Buddy Caster, it doesn’t have ton settings and other features that you have to worry about. It’ll make watching all of your favorite shows and playing your favorite games easier. 

When updating all of your apps on a smart TV, it can get quite frustrating since it does take a long time updating, depending on your internet connection. This could get frustrating if you just arrived from a bad day, and when you just want to be lazy and eat ice cream for the rest of the day. With TV Buddy Caster, you don’t have to worry about it.