Getroud met Rugby Teasers  June 2020 – Upcoming kykNET drama series ‘ Getroud met Rugby ’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for June 2020.

Getroud met Rugby Teasers

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Coming up on Getroud met Rugby this June 2020:

Monday 1 June 2020

Episode 226

The Stryders' new head coach is announced. Chrissie finds out about Anna and Wynand. Mia and Ilse fight for Bart's attention.

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Episode 227

Fafa feels guilty about his new job. Lulu shares bad news with Simon about their relationship. Reitz is suspicious about Chrissie and Wynand.

Wednesday 3 June 2020

Episode 228

Johan is upset because he can’t see Julia. Schalk ponders his career. Ilse is determined to win Bart back.

Thursday 4 June 2020

Episode 229

Blitz tries to convince Julia to see Johan. Schalk considers a job offer from another team. Simon tries to forget about Lulu.

Friday 5 June 2020

Episode 230

Lienkie and Blitz are worried about Johan's wellbeing. Schalk is still worried about his career. Mia is frustrated with Ilse’s attemps to manipulate Bart emotionally.

Monday 8 June 2020

Episode 231

Schalk makes a final decision about his career. Julia says goodbye to Johan. Mia is driven to breaking point by Ilse.

Tuesday 9 June 2020

Episode 232

The Stryders' new head coach is announced to the public. Renate is jealous of Simon and Lulu. Anna and Candice argue about their company.

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Episode 233

Fafa takes on his first day as head coach. Blitz and Johan still argue about Julia. Ilse shows up at Bart's office again.

Thursday 11 June 2020

Episode 234

Thinus tries to convince Ryno to play for the French. Lulu finds out about the man Simon slapped. Fafa has his hands full with his new job.

Friday 12 June 2020

Episode 235

Ilse admits her true feelings to Bart. Candice's finances are in a state. Lulu starts doubting her relationship with Simon.


Monday 15 June 2020

Episode 236

Bart makes his choice between Ilse and Mia. Jana decides she and Schalk have to get a hobby. The Stryders find out about Ryno’s meeting with the French.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Episode 237

The coaches feel uneasy about Ryno's meeting with the French team. Simon is taunted in Pottie's again. Wynand sets his sights on a new woman.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Episode 238

Julia accuses Lienkie of wanting Blitz for herself. It's over between Mia and Bart. Schalk and Jana have their first cooking lesson with Lulu.

Thursday 18 June 2020

Episode 239

The Stryders hold a press conference for Ryno. Blitz realises he's started a war between Lienkie and Julia. Ilse is happy to be Mrs Smith again.

Friday 19 June 2020

Episode 240

Kristien is back from Australia. Renate struggles to get Wynand's attention. Blitz causes further trouble between Lienkie and Julia.

Monday 22 June 2020

Episode 241

Ilse is restless about Kristien being back. Festus surprises Koekie with a special anniversary. Wynand's mixed signals drive Renate up the wall.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Episode 242

Renate challenges Wynand. Yvonne finds out about Simon’s new girlfriend. Bart tries to keep the peace between Kristien and Ilse.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Episode 243

Renate is cheery after a night of passion. Lienkie admits something shocking to Blitz. Bart's change of heart shatters Ilse.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Episode 244

Mia is determined to stab Bart in the back. Reitz helps Simon with a cooking challenge. Anna and Candice prepare for their big meeting with the channel.  

Friday 26 June 2020

Episode 245

Mia accuses Bart of sexual harassment. Kristien has to make a plan to look after her sister. Candice is stressed about her TV series.


Monday 29 June 2020

Episode 246

Mia's accusations on social media causes an outrage. Renate struggles to stay away from Wynand. Kristien has financial difficulties.

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Episode 247

Julia is unsure if she should meet Divan. Maryke tries to make a plan to help Kristien. Jana corners Mia about her accusations against Bart.

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