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Generations The Legacy Teasers
Generations The Legacy Teasers

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Coming up on Generations this April 2020:

Wednesday 1 April 2020
Episode 93 (1393) 

Tau is alarmed to hear the minister is onto him. Mpho got what he wanted so why isn’t he happy? The Diales receive a phone call from a very worried Kabisi.

Thursday 2 April 2020
Episode 94 (1394)

Ayanda has conflicting emotions about her man. Lucy warns Lesedi to think carefully about what she’s doing. Asking a girl out on a date isn’t as easy as it may seem…

Friday 3 April 2020
Episode 95 (1395)

Sphe is alarmed to hear how Mazwi plans to win the war. The girls decide to give the love potion one more chance. Jerah wants to take his money-making scheme to the next level.

Monday 6 April 2020
Episode 96 (1396)

Mpho chooses the wrong moment to act on what he feels. Mashudu’s good news doesn’t go down well with his new friend. Tau is shocked when Smanga knocks a drink out of his hand.

Tuesday 7 April 2020
Episode 97 (1397)

Nontle’s guilty conscience gets the better of her. Ayanda has her own suspicions about how Sipho got his hands on scandalous company info. Jerah is ready to swallow his pride and grovel, until fate tempts him yet again.

Wednesday 8 April 2020
Episode 98 (1398)

Zondiwe believes the trick to getting your girl is to woo her first… Mazwi’s big revenge plan backfires. The Morokas are shocked to realise their leader is now a target.

Thursday 9 April 2020
Episode 99 (1399)

Tau cuts Smanga down to size. Cebisa ambushes Kabisi in public. Mpho gets the third degree from a very stern step-dad.

Friday 10 April 2020
Episode 100 (1400)

Boipelo can’t wait to see what surprise her man has in store for her. The problem with telling a lie is that you have to cover it up with more lies… A beautiful evening between two innocent youngsters goes horribly wrong.

Monday 13 April 2020
Episode 101 (1401) 

Pele has questions about where the unlicensed gun came from. Lesedi is stunned to hear why Palesa’s so upset. Cosmo is shocked when he finds out who his so-called stalker is.

Tuesday 14 April 2020
Episode 102 (1402) 

Jerah is desperate. And desperate people do desperate things… Lucy is floored by Mrekza’s revelation. Mpho puts his foot in it and pays the price.

Wednesday 15 April 2020
Episode 103 (1403) 

Gog’Flo touches a nerve when she hits the nail on the head. Lesedi knows she’s being manipulated but gives in anyway. Gadaffi receives shocking news from the police station.

Thursday 16 April 2020
Episode 104 (1404) 

Nkosi isn’t about to just let things go… Nontle and Ayanda have a major blowout. Boipelo can tell something is up with her man.

Friday 17 April 2020
Episode 105 (1405) 

Mpho refuses to see or speak to anyone. Lucy is shocked to hear her brother’s plan. The young parents make a horrifying discovery after their night out…

Monday 20 April 2020
Episode 106 (1406) 

Gadaffi hears about the threatening phone call and gets his back up. Mavusana orders Rabbit to do whatever’s necessary to keep him out of jail. Cosmo is worried about his woman.

Tuesday 21 April 2020
Episode 107 (1407) 

Lesedi’s meltdown makes Pele even more suspicious. The secret photo-shoot is off to a rough start. The unlicensed gun delivers some interesting evidence.

Wednesday 22 April 2020
Episode 108 (1408) 

Kabisi won’t pay a cent until he knows what the family is up against. Nontle breaks down in Ayanda’s arms. Mei has an idea of how to make their memories ‘real’.

Thursday 23 April 2020
Episode 109 (1409) 

Jerah hears a friend of his has been arrested regarding the kidnapping. Cosmo is having a hard time keeping up his lie. Zondiwe is horrified when Mpho almost strikes her.

Friday 24 April 2020
Episode 110 (1410) 

Lucy unwittingly gives the game away. Things get out of hand when Gadaffi confronts his adoptive son. It’s time to pay the ransom and Lesedi’s going out of her mind...

Monday 27 April 2020
Episode 111 (1411) 

Gog’Flo is shocked when a surprise visitor shows up. Will the search of the Phakade penthouse offer up any evidence? The real brains behind the kidnapping is revealed.

Tuesday 28 April 2020
Episode 112 (1412) 

Mpho is starting to wonder about his friend’s cagey behaviour. Boipelo overhears a phone conversation and is instantly suspicious. The best way to get over one boyfriend is to find yourself another.

Wednesday 29 April 2020
Episode 113 (1413) 

Mashudu wants proof that Crazy J’s on the level. Will a heartfelt declaration be enough to reunite the star-crossed lovers? Mei drops a bomb on Cosmo.

Thursday 30 April 2020
Episode 114 (1414) 

Pele’s words leave Kabisi wondering if the detective may be onto something… Nontle is shocked to hear what really went down in prison. Lucy takes great pleasure is sharing bad news with her sister-in-law.

Generations airs on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.

Coming up on Generations this May 2020:

Friday 1 May 2020
Episode 115 (1415)

Mpho’s shocked to see what his friend looks like and even more so to hear why. Mrekza knows his sister is up to no good. Crazy J realises his game is up.

Monday 4 May 2020
Episode 116 (1416)

Tracy is ready to take back her power. Cosmo is worried Mei’s suspicions might be right. Lesedi has no idea her world’s about to fall apart…

Tuesday 5 May 2020
Episode 117 (1417) 

Brian is shocked but impressed by what goes down at his house. Grace conspires with her son. Boipelo thinks there’s only solution - to have it out, woman to woman.

Wednesday 6 May 2020
Episode 118 (1418)

The fight training gets personal when two students climb into each other. Why would a woman spike her daughter-in-law’s tea? Mpho is on a mission and it’s making his friend worried.

Thursday 7 May 2020
Episode 119 (1419)

Nontle makes a shocking discovery. A heart-to-heart with Gog’Flo helps Cosmo make up his mind. Kabisi is not done playing dirty.

Friday 08 May 2020
Episode 120 (1420)

CrazyJ has a plan on how to get Lesedi out of her funk. Her mother’s strange voice message leaves Palesa unsettled. Pele’s ready to reach out but James has misgivings.

Monday 11 May 2020
Episode 121 (1421)

Will Dumisani tell the cops the truth? Sphe gets roped into something she doesn’t want to do. Who would come knocking at the commune so late …?

Tuesday 12 May 2020
Episode 122 (1422)

Seems tough love did the trick with Lesedi… or did it? Mme Ntswaki comes clean about the pain she’s experiencing. In fighting monsters has Mpho become a monster himself?

Wednesday 13 May 2020
Episode 123 (1423)

Palesa realises her secret is out. Sphe’s forced to reveal some devastating news. The unsuspecting boys walk straight into an ambush…

Thursday 14 May 2020
Episode 124 (1424)

Gog’Flo is as always the voice of calm and reason. Rabbit makes a startling discovery while interrogating the prisoner. Pele gets a surprise visitor and is even more surprised by what she says.

Friday 15 May 2020
Episode 125 (1425)

Everyone at the commune seems to be in a bad space. Nontle gets a pleasant surprise which instantly changes her mood. Lesedi lets her hair down for the first time in forever.

Monday 18 May 2020
Episode 126 (1426)

Palesa snoops around, determined to get some answers. Crazy J does some snooping of his own and is shocked by what he finds. Pele wants to rekindle the flame…

Tuesday 19 May 2020
Episode 127 (1427)

Mme Ntswaki has even more bad news to tell her daughter. Not everyone is happy when Luyolo pitches at the Diale house. Nontle makes a shocking discovery about her boyfriend.

Wednesday 20 May 2020
Episode 128 (1428)

Gadaffi is being played and he doesn’t even know it. Lesedi gets the answers she’s been pushing for but still isn’t happy. Mpho finds out his life is in danger.

Thursday 21 May 2020
Episode 129 (1429)

Rabbit wants revenge and he wants it now! Palesa is caught red-handed trying to commit fraud. Seems Jerah’s emotional blackmail did the trick after all.

Friday 22 May 2020
Episode 130 (1430)

The tenants are horrified when a ‘special delivery’ arrives at the house. Nontle has yet another shock in store for her. Dr Zwane won’t allow a no-good prostitute to mess with him.

Monday 25 May 2020
Episode 131 (1431)

Mme Ntswaki resorts to drastic measures to get through to her daughter. Lesedi is not about to let her ex call the shots in her life. Will Mpho have the courage to pull the trigger this time round?

Tuesday 26 May 2020
Episode 132 (1432)

Just when Pele thinks he’s made progress he finds out he was wrong. Palesa arrives home and makes a horrible discovery. Gadaffi is furious to hear what went down and decides to take action.

Wednesday 27 May 2020
Episode 133 (1433)

People seem to be pitching at the commune at the worst possible time… Mavusana issues a grim warning to one of his men. Jerah is under pressure and takes it out on his ex.

Thursday 28 May 2020
Episode 134 (1434)

Lesedi takes her power back. Lucy warns their big secret better not get out… or else! Mpho and Rabbit are ready to end things once and for all.

Friday 29 May 2020
Episode 135 (1435)

Tau is floored after Nontle’s revelation and rushes off to help. Palesa finds it very hard to do what she needs to do. A showdown in the township leads to a dead body and several arrests.

Generations airs on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.

Broadcast on: SABC
Active from: 04 Feb 1996

[A-Z] list of Generations Actors and Actresses

Listed below is an alphabetized listing of past and present Generations / Generations: The Legacy actors and actresses (Generations Cast / Characters):.

If you would like to know what happens this month on Generations: The Legacy –

  1. Abena Ayivor as Lerato Modise 
  2. Akin Omotoso as Khaya Motene 
  3. Andisiwe Dweba as Getty Diale 
  4. Anga Makubalo as MJ 
  5. Asanda Foji as Simphiwe Moroka 
  6. Atandwa Kani as Samora 
  7. Candise Derman as Blue 
  8. Carole Mogale as Kgomotso 
  9. Cedwyn Joel as Sonny Jacobs 
  10. Connie Ferguson (nee Masilo) as Karabo Moroka 
  11. David Phetoe as Paul Moroka 
  12. Dineo Nchabeleng as Angela Mogale#1 
  13. Dini Nondumo as Vuyo 
  14. Fana Mokoena as Dr Mandla Sithole 
  15. Faye Peters as Vivian Majozi 
  16. Florence Masebe as Thembi 
  17. Hanli Rolfes as Sarah-Lee Odendaal 
  18. Ivy Nkutha as Gog’Flo Diale 
  19. JT Medupi as Jonathan Motene 
  20. Kagiso Rakosa as Sharon 
  21. Katlego Danke as Dineo 
  22. Lebohang Mthunzi as Angela Mogale #2 
  23. Leleti Khumalo as Busisiwe (Busi) Dlomo 
  24. Letoya Makhene as Tshidi Mogale 
  25. Lillian Dube as Masibobe 
  26. Lindani Nkosi as Thulani 
  27. Luthuli Dlamini as Scott Nomvete 
  28. Manaka Ranaka as Lucy Diale 
  29. Mandla Gaduka as Choppa 
  30. Mandla Hlatswayo as Siphiwe 
  31. Mangaliso Ngema as Lunga Zondo 
  32. Melusi Yeni as Phenyo 
  33. Menzi Ngubane as Sibusiso Dlomo 
  34. Mike Mvelase as Khaphela Ngcobo 
  35. Moopi Mothibeli as Smanga Moroka 
  36. Musa Ngema as Mazwi Moroka 
  37. Mutodi Neshehe as Zola 
  38. Mxolisi Hulana as Zakes Mthembu 
  39. Nambitha Mpulwana as Mawande 
  40. Nkululeko Tshirumbula as Vuyo Radebe 
  41. Nondumiso Tembe as Phumela Miya 
  42. Pamela Nomvete as Ntshiki Lukhele 
  43. Patrick Shai as Patrick 
  44. Pearl Modiadie as DJ Jade 
  45. Peter Moruakgomo as Ace 
  46. Phemelo Motene as Khensani Moroka 
  47. Rantebeng Makapan as Thomas Mashaba 
  48. Rapulana Seiphemo as Tau Mogale 
  49. Rina Nienaber as Baba Swanepoel 
  50. Roderick Jafta as Gen Majozi 
  51. Ronnie Nyakale as Cosmo Diale 
  52. Rosie Motene as Tsego Motene 
  53. Sello Maake Ka-Ncube as Archie Moroka 
  54. Seputla Sebogodi as Kenneth Mashaba 
  55. Shaleen Surtie-Richards as Mattie 
  56. Sipho ‘Psyfo’ Ngwenya as Ajax 
  57. Siyabonga Thwala as Paul Mashaba 
  58. Slindile Nodangala as Ruby 
  59. Sonia Mbele as Ntombi Khumalo 
  60. Sophie Ndaba as Queen Moroka 
  61. Sthandiwe Msomi as Zinzi / Zoleka Mda 
  62. Strini Pillai as Deven Maistry 
  63. Tafadzwa Kuuya as Noah Motene 
  64. Thabiso Mokhethi as Samuel Khumalo 
  65. Thahira Syed as Shaan Naidu Maistry 
  66. Thami Ngcobo as Senzo 
  67. Thato Molamu as Nicholas 
  68. Thina Jaxa as Priscilla Mthembu 
  69. Thobi Mkhwanazi as Donna 
  70. Thulisile Phongolo as Namhla Diale 
  71. Vinolia Mashego as Hilda Letlalo 
  72. Vusi Kunene as Jack Mabaso 
  73. Vuyo Dabula as Gadaffi Phakade 
  74. Winnie Ntshaba as Khethiwe 
  75. Xolile Tshabalala as Julia Motene 
  76. Zenande Nfenyana as Nolunthu 
  77. Zikhona Sodlaka as Priska 
  78. Zolisa Xaluva as Jason 

Generations on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.