Going to Etihad can’t be simple, and Chelsea is no exception. The team is going to have some complexities. Even Liverpool, which seemed invincible to many, was defeated there. This is demonstrated by soccer results.

The team of Josep Guardiola hasn’t been in a very positive mood in recent years. But they are more likely to win than the young players of the team of Frank Lampard, inspired by their success. Despite possible difficulties, Chelsea has a high chance of winning.

The team has no weaknesses that can affect the course of the game. In past matches, which ended in defeat, players under the leadership of Frank Lampard did not have enough forces in the final phase of attacks. Liverpool and Manchester United were their opponents. Strong players from the team of Jurgen Klopp were surprised by the speed of the Chelsea players.

After the completion of a successful series, the results of which can be seen among soccer results, especially the epic comeback with Ajax, Frank's players don’t expect minimal resistance from their opponents. Now all players have become part of the same team, rather than individual characters.

Successes and defeats in Premier League table

The matches of Arsenal delight their fans – the Premier League table shows us a series of their victories. Besides, the great progress of the team under Unai Emery became the main topic of discussion. The Spanish player has developed a new tactic, which significantly increased the speed of the game.

Fans can’t believe the team had 22 matches without defeats. The EPL striker Aubameyang, fashionable Leno and tenacious Torreira stand out against the general background. The composition of the team and tactics of the game made it possible for it to stand out significantly against Mourinho’s MU.

Emery has been working for several months, so his Arsenal is far from Klopp and Guardiola's famous projects. The team has a large number of disadvantages that are convenient for outsiders. Southampton, which began to come to life because of Ralph Hazenhüttle, became a real problem for the Gunners. They couldn’t find a worthy dichotomy to the British.

Unai prefers to launch an attack from their own net. That’s why they acquired Leno, who plays beautifully with his feet. The defenders have to show an excellent game in the Premier League table, but Koscielny is not in his best shape, Lichtsteiner is slowly losing ground, and Nacho and Bellerin prefer to play among the attackers.

You can see a real wave of pessimism on social media – it seems that Arsenal will soon surrender its position. Their excellent coach uses Koscielny and Lichtsteiner as defensers, but misses at their own net don’t let people believe in a good outcome.