Sbahle Mpisane Finally meets Brian Dube

Sbahle Mpisane Finally meets With the person who pulled Her From Her Burning Car! It’s been a year and a few months since Shable’s accident and if you follow her journey when you recognize she has been doing well.

When the accident happened, a person called a personal trainer was named in several articles because the one who saved Sbahle after he pulled her out of her burning automotive. For the first time, Sbahle has spoken out concerning Brian and needed to meet him to thank him.

“I need to meet Brian Dube! He really saved me from burning in my car! I should have reached to him months back however I was down. irrespective of my tears straight away, I’m able to face him and thank him from the bottom of my heart,” Sbahle wrote.

A few minutes later when posting, Sbahle was given Brian’s contact details and also the 2 connected over the phone speaking for over forty-five minutes. “Finally spoke to him…. I’m therefore happy.”

Sbahle Mpisane and  Brian Dube